Below Deck star Emily Warburton-Adams has moved away from the yacht life
15th August 2023

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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Below Deck. 

Below Deck’s Emily Warburton-Adams was a star of season four but where is the second stewardess now?

The Bravo reality series saw Captain Lee Rosbach and his latest team jump on board the Eros superyacht back in 2016.

Emily worked alongside chief stewardess Kate Chastain and third stewardess Sierra Storm but found a special connection with chef Ben Robinson.

The pair dated when the series aired and continued to do so when filming stopped, with Emily even moving to Florida to be with him.

They were together for a year but sadly, things didn’t work out between them due to Emily wanting to move back to London.

Their breakup came out in October 2017 with Ben stating how they were still friends, despite the split.

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Where is Below Deck star Emily Warburton-Adams now?

Since leaving Below Deck and Ben behind, Emily has also moved away from the yachting industry.

She is now the co-founder of healthy catering service POW Food, based in the UK, which launched six years ago.

They offer lifestyle items like vitamins and juices as well as ready-to-go meals without all of the calories.

Her business continues to thrive with more than 110,000 followers on her Instagram page.

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Emily is also using her platform to help others by running mental health campaigns.

She suffered from an eating disorder when she was 18 and now regularly shares messages of “hope, belief and strength”.

Apart from spending time working on her business and campaigning, she has been travelling around the world including most recently to Morocco.

Moreover, she has moved on from Ben and is now in a new relationship with a Charles Wrigley.

Little is known about how long Emily and Charles have been together but there are a few cute pictures of them on Instagram.

Charles, going by his Instagram account, is a musician, with photographs of him performing live.

So it appears Emily has well and truly got a new life away the world of Below Deck.

Below Deck is available to watch on Bravo.

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