BBC’s The Traitors smug as Alex is banished from game after refusing offer
15th December 2022

BBC's The Traitors were incredibly smug during the latest bombshell as Alex was murdered in the game after she refused their offer to join them.

A trusted faithful throughout the game, Alex had become a fan-favourite with viewers, but in such a brutal reality TV show, whose secrets were recently exposed by Alyssa Chan, no one is safe.

Frustrated that Alex wasn't seduced by their promises to join and split the prize money, the traitors decided to punish her instead.

As the rest of the group gathered round for breakfast the morning after, shock reverberated around the room as they realised Alex had gone and Amos was left.

As the show flashed back to the night before in the castle dungeon, the Traitors discussed their decision.

"So are we agreed with Alex?" Amanda asked.

"Yeah, 100 per cent," Wilfred said coldly. "Do you know what I love, it's like, you declined it, you tried to make a big show of it, now we're here to show we'll follow through with what we want to do."

As Alex read her murder letter to the camera, she became visibly upset to learn of her fate.

"Dear Alex, you should have accepted," the star read. "Bye bye. By order of the Traitors, you have been murdered.

"This is a really hard game," the star continued. "This is a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be.

"But overall, I kind of proved myself to the group that I was a faithful."

"And I'm happy about that, however in terms of strategy of the game, that was probably my downfall," the former contestant added.

Amanda later told viewers that Alex "signed her own death warrant" by refusing their offer.

As bombshells continue to drop on the addictive reality series, Maddy also decided it was finally time to reveal she'd been an actress in the past.

Explaining over breakfast, the star reasoned that if she'd shared her other career from day one, the traitors would have got rid of her straight away.

While the others said they understood and agreed with the contestant's decision, behind the scenes the remaining faithfuls weren't so trusting.

Instead, some felt betrayed by Maddy's lies, as she's an actress who has even had a starring role on EastEnders.

The Traitors continues every night at 9pm on BBC One


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