BBC News: ‘Oh my goodness!’ Louise Minchin in shock over violent sport video
26th March 2019

BBC Breakfast showcased some of the more shocking news of the day this morning.

Sally Nugent came on to present her sports segment when she showed Dan Walker and Louise Minchin a video of two Costa Rican motorcyclists in vicious track fights.

Louise was particuarly shocked by what she saw on the screen and let out a cry of disbelief. 

“Oh my goodness!” she exclaimed as one of the riders punched the other.

This terrifying fight took place during a motorbike race in Costa Rica, which was the country’s national motorbike championship.

Thankfully, Sally was on hand to explain what was going on. She began: “Now, here’s some behaviour which is definitely for the naughty corner. This is what not to do during a motorbike race.”

The sports presenter continued: “Marion Calvo and Jorge Martinez started fighting on the track during Costa Rica’s National Motorbike Championship.”

Louise chipped in: “What a silly thing!” as she was clearly astonished and baffled by the two motorbike riders’ behaviour.

Sally then went on to explain that Marion destabilised Jorge on his bike, and he ended up stuck on the former’s bike.

He then proceeded to get off the bike and punch Marion, even though he was wearing a helmet and might end up causing more damage to his own hand than anything else.

Sally said: “Both of them have been banned for two years,” and Louise and Dan were stunned by the incident.

“Wow. That’s serious business,” said Dan, and Louise added: “That’s seriously dangerous, not just for them, but for the other people as well.”

Sally then admitted: “I watched that last night, and it makes you giggle quite a lot because it doesn’t look real, but they were really, really in trouble.”

This came after Louise clashed with Dan on yesterday’s programme following a discussion on a marriage proposal.

One of the stories they were covering on Monday morning was a rather exuberant marriage proposal, where Ben Griffiths proposed to his girlfriend who’s a big Harry Potter fan, by commissioning a sand artist to draw his proposal on a beach in Wales.

Dan said: “My father in law always says start small.”

“Really?” asked Sally, who then added: “Because it all gets out of hand.”

Dan agreed while laughing: “Yeah, exactly.”

However, Louise didn’t agree with her BBC Breakfast colleagues as she believed you should start big with the proposal.

“I completely disagree with that by the way,” the BBC News presenter said after Dan’s comment.

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