BBC Breakfast fans beg Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt to 'go their separate ways' after 'bickering' on camera | The Sun
13th October 2022

BBC Breakfast fans are calling on Naga Munchetty and Charlie Stayt to separate after viewers have seen them 'bickering' on camera.

The hosts present BBC Breakfast together from Thursday to Saturday each week, and have done so for quite some time.

During the show Naga and Chris discussed a pair of vintage Levi jeans that were being sold for £80,000.

Naga explained to the viewers at home as well as Charlie why the jeans cost so much.

Charlie seemed to be baffled by the cost of the jeans and said: "Maybe zips weren't invented in those days anyway."

Naga sternly replied: "Well Levi's are button fly aren't they. A lot of time."

The BBC host then continued to talk about the pricey jeans and their history.

Charlie then posed the question: "I'm sort of more interested in what the average cost of a pair of jeans is, also when was the zip invented?"

Naga firmly dismissed Charlie's questions saying: " So many questions."

The presenter then moved on to the next segment blanking Charlie's questions, leaving Charlie with a blank response.

Viewers at home could sense the tension and were convinced the pair don't get along and took to Twitter to comment.

One wrote: "Omg Charlie & Naga at least pretend you can stand each other?! so uncomfortable to watch these 2 #bbcbreakfast."

Another wrote: "Feel like it’s time Naga and Charlie go their separate ways. It’s like watching an old married couple presenting the news. Stop bickering!!! #bbcbreakfast"

A third wrote: "Naga is so rude to co-presenters and guests, what she considers humour is arrogance and rude. She needs to go."

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A fourth chimed in: "Somehow I feel Naga is being held back by Charlie."

A fifth exclaimed: "These two don't like each other! It's obvious."

The comments come after Naga shut down her co-host Charlie Stayt again during one show this month, branding his news item on BBC Breakfast as "nonsense".

As the pair were looking through the newspaper headlines of the day, Charlie stumbled across the news of a restaurant solely aimed at dogs.

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Baffled by the concept, Charlie explained: "This is a dog bistro, basically, and they do a three-course tasting menu for $75.

"On a Sunday, for example, would you like to hear what's on the menu?"

"It's only the dogs that get fed. So the tasting menu is a first course, appetiser, of chicken and chaga mushroom soup.

"While the second course was chicken skin waffle and charcoal flan.

"Main course was a hand-cut, grass-fed filet mignon with a quail egg on top, with broccoli."

Sneering at the news, Naga simply repeated: "Nonsense," as she rolled her eyes.

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One.

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