BBC accused of ‘bodge’ DIY SOS job which could have caused ‘fatal accident’
8th August 2023

Chapman family thank DIY SOS crew

DIY SOS guest Peter Chapman, 64, is a carer with a wife and daughter who are both in wheelchairs, who appeared on the BBC show.

He said he has been in a row with the BBC about the alleged faulty work Nick Knowles and the DIY SOS team caused on his home.

Peter reportedly turned down £15,000 in compensation from the broadcaster as he claimed the repair work would “cost double” that amount.

According to The Sun, the carer was left stunned when the work carried out by the programme’s team started falling apart.

Mr Chapman shared: “DIY SOS has robbed me of the last three years and the stress is killing me.”

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He claimed his wife almost had a fatal fall on the first day his family took the house back from DIY SOS when the toilet’s wall bars came away while she was using them.

His daughter Suzanne, 39, and wife Sarah, 59, both have Myotonic Dystrophy which impacts their muscle function.

Mr Chapman claimed a part of the hallway had collapsed which he believed could also have been “fatal”.

He also said the outdoor facilities were in a “dangerous condition” and other problems included a leaky roof and cracks in the walls.

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“I wish I’d never heard of DIY SOS,” he told the publication. “They’ve literally had me in tears. They just don’t want to know. We’ve been used and well and truly exploited. It was all done for effect.”

The BBC said the work completed at the family’s home complied with building regulations and that Mr Chapman has turned down its offers to help.

A spokesman for the BBC added: “DIY SOS is a heart-warming programme that brings communities together and helps improve the lives of those in need thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who give up their time to participate.

“As with all of our previous projects, the Charlton Kings build was planned and completed in accordance with the necessary required regulatory approvals and signed off onsite by building control.”

The BBC also said support has been offered to the Chapmans and that he’d made further home improvements after filming ended. has contacted the BBC for comment.

DIY SOS episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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