‘B&B’ Spoilers For Monday, December 3: Brooke Reels With Shock At Hope’s News
2nd December 2018

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Monday, November 3 promises that Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) will be stunned when she hears Hope Logan Spencer’s (Annika Noelle) news, per Highlight Hollywood. Viewers saw that Hope told her mother Taylor’s secret, and that her mother was floored.

It all started when Liam told his pregnant wife what Taylor had done to his dad. Liam had walked in on a confrontation between Taylor and Hope, and he told his former mother-in-law that she was never to do that again before escorting her to the lift. Scared of Taylor’s erratic behavior, Liam chose to tell Hope his fears. He also wanted her to know what the good psychiatrist was capable of and that she should be careful around Taylor. Needless to say, Hope was shocked to hear the news.

When Hope walked in on Taylor pointing at Brooke and yelling, “I hate you!” she had to physically intervene. Taylor left and Brooke remarked that she seemed rather insane. Since Hope knows her mother and Taylor’s rather volatile history, she decided to disclose the secret that Liam had shared with her.

Brooke will be very shocked to learn that a woman who was a leading psychiatrist tried to kill someone. As she puts the pieces of the puzzle together, she will realize that Bill must have been covering for Taylor for a long time.

B&B viewers will recall that Ridge was initially charged with Bill’s attempted murder before Liam became convinced that he was the one who pulled the trigger. When Taylor confessed, Bill promised that he would take her secret to the grave. She was seeking therapeutic help for her erratic actions and is genuinely terrified of going to jail.

On Wednesday, December 5, Brooke will blindside Taylor and rip into her about her past crimes. Taylor doesn’t know that Brooke knows her dirty little secrets and it will come as a surprise to her. However, these two will soon be fighting about past, present and future according to the spoilers.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for later this week, per Inquisitr, state that Brooke will go and see Bill now that she also knows that Taylor was his shooter. Bill will tell her that he gave Taylor his word that he would not hand her over to the cops. He will then remind her that he extended the same privilege to Ridge. In fact, Ridge got two free passes thanks to Bill.

Ridge and Brooke will also argue about who is more dangerous. Brooke will feel that Taylor poses a far bigger threat than Bill does, with Ridge believing the opposite is true.

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