Are Strictly's Joe Sugg and Dianne Buswell in a relationship?
16th December 2018

There has been a lot of speculation the pair might have fallen for each other following their exploits on the dancefloor.

Are Joe Sugg and Dianne Buswell in a relationship?

After months of speculation, in November, The Sun on Sunday revealed that Joe and Dianne were caught making out on a night out.

The Sun previously revealed that Dianne had split from her boyfriend Anthony Quinlan over fears she's growing too close to Joe.

A source told us at the time: "Everyone on set’s been discussing how close they’d become. It did not go unnoticed by Anthony."

The couple, who briefly took a break earlier this year after struggling with their long-distance love, decided to end things after 10 months of dating.

The source added: "He’s up north and she’s down south and things just weren’t working anymore so they’ve knocked it on the head despite being quite serious.

"She’s having a lot of fun with the show at the moment and is enjoying spending time with her dance partner Joe."

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It then emerged that Joe and Dianne had indeed kissed prior to her split from Anthony and Dianne was pictured arriving at Joe's house with an overnight bag.

The pair then fuelled further rumours by snuggling up on the sofa together and having a cosy date at Thorpe Park.

More recently, on December 5, the two went on This Morning and were cornered about the rumours.

When Phillip Schofield put them on the spot, Joe tried to change the subject, saying: "It’s so nice I have met such a good friend in Dianne. We haven’t got time to think of anything else.”

Pushing them, Phillip said: “Is that a no?”

Laughing and blushing, Joe replied again: “We are so busy dancing…”

Speaking ahead of the show's final on December 15, Joe did nothing to dispell rumours of him and Dianne being a couple.

Joe described her as "so special" and that she had been "everything" to him on the series.

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