Aquaman star Jason Momoa swears he hasn't worked out in a year
7th December 2018

Jason Momoa, a man whose muscles have muscles, claims to EW that he hasn’t actually worked out in a year.

In the exclusive video above, Amber Heard notes her Aquaman costar “loves working out,” to which Momoa replies, “absolutely f–king not … I love rock climbing, but I do not love working out. I haven’t worked out in at least a year and it’s been awesome.”

The actor says he worked out during the filming of Aquaman, going to gym sessions with his co-star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (who plays Black Manta), but mainly to avoid getting injured when shooting intense fights and other action scenes.

We’ve assembled a timeline of shirtless Momoa photos to investigate.

Here is Momoa during the filming of 2017’s Justice League:

Now here’s Momoa while shooting Aquaman:

Here he is months after Aquaman wrapped in July.

And diving shirtless off a cliff the same month:

Finally, here’s Momoa on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon just last night.

Clearly, the man has really let himself go!

Aquaman opens in theaters Dec. 21.


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