Antiques Roadshow guest gasps as charity shop find bought for £8 makes profit
13th August 2023

Antiques Roadshow: Chess set valued

One Antiques Roadshow guest was lost for words after expert Lars Tharp shared a staggering valuation for a Ming Dynasty vase bought in a charity shop.

The guest presented Lars with three Chinese items – a vase, a plate and a china bowl which was used as a brush washer – all of which were made from different time periods.

Before the expert got to the valuations of the items, he explained the history of where they came from.

The guest was intrigued to know if the bowl was authentic and he let out a gasp when Lars explained it was a Qing Dynasty.

After telling Lars he bought the brush washer for £50, he was thrilled to discover it would fetch up to £3,000 at auction.

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As the guest let out a scream of delight, Lars warned: “Now be careful, they are breakable.”

Turning his attention to the plate, Lars went on: “From the very plain to the very complicated. Tell me about that.”

“I really liked the pictures,” the guest said as he admitted he saw it and “fell in love with it”.

The expert was quick to point out that the painting and the bowl had a connection.

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“How much did you pay for this?” Lars asked as the guest replied: “£400.”

The historian shared: “In today’s market that would certainly fetch £1,000…£1,500.”

As the guest tried to wrap his head around the valuation, Lars said: “Let’s just finish with that, which is the odd one out. What do you like about that?”

“This one is not a like, I just naturally found it from a charity shop,” he told the expert.

Lars was stumped as he explained the item was two vases not just one, as he added: “And what’s really special about this is the shape. This is one of the oldest shapes known to Chinese culture.

“This is an ancient shape. The question is, is it ancient? Let’s just look at this base, shall we?

“These lumpy little brackets…these feet with that lovely orange tinge where the glaze meets the body, that to me, suggests that it is Ming Dynasty.”

“Ming? Really Ming? Oh my god,” the guest gasped in shock as he said he bought the item for £7.99 from a charity shop.

“Ker-ching,” Lars joked as he stated: “I think if it goes through the various tests in my mind, a piece like that would probably fetch somewhere between £5,000 and £10,000.”

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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