Antiques Road Trip star Izzie Balmer rakes in profit of hundreds for £55 item
10th March 2023

BBC presenter Izzie Balmer cheered as she secured a huge profit at auction in tonight's instalment of Antiques Road Trip.

The 33-year-old auctioneer was nervous about holding on to her lead in the week's final episode as she was seen driving to Balsall Common, near Coventry in search of her final lots.

Driving through the Midlands in a golden 1970s Volvo, she said she said she "would not be at all surprised" if he competitor Ishy Khan makes a comeback with his items and that she needed to "hang on in there."

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Little did she know, she was about to stumble in on her jackpot item at Antiques In A Barn.

The cheerful red-head, who has a passion for jewellery and glassware, was seen looking around the shop – stopping to hug an old toy horse.

But she knew the tatted pony had seen his "last ride at the Derby" so she carried on in search of a winner.

It was then that she happened upon a Georgian ring – which she described as having a "distinctive colour from foiling the stone."

She added: "It will be gold. It isn't hallmarked. I would say from the colour nine-possibly 15 carat."

It was priced at £79 – which she said was "an absolute steal."

However, she had a competition to win and managed to still haggle for more money off – purchasing it for just £55.

When the ring was brought to auction at Sutton Hill Fam Contry Auctions, Leicestershire, Ishy Khan said he was "jealous" of her find as he knew it was going to do well.

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He couldn't have been more right as bidding on the item started well over the mark at £300 and quickly soared to £700 – giving her a £645 profit.

At the end of the show, Ishy Khan finished with a respectable £183.28 – while Izzie had a whopping £872.40.

All of the profits from the show are being donated to Children in Need.


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