Angel Adoree airs concerns as Dick Strawbridges surprises family
4th December 2022

Escape to the Chateau: New car arrives for Angel and Dick

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Escape to the Chateau couple Angel Adoree and Dick Strawbridge were back for a new episode on Sunday night. The pair to got work on renovating the attic and creating a games room for their children Arthur and Dorothy. However, Angel was left concerned when asked to move a vintage car Dick had surprised the family with.

After taking a break from cleaning out the attic and finding some historical treasures, Dick had a surprise up his sleeve for the family.

Taking Angel, Arthur and Dorothy outside, he unveiled a vintage red car that he’s purchased and needed to restore.

The children were amazed when they saw the car sitting in their driveway, and were eager to get it off of the truck to sit in it.

However, Dick needed the help of his wife Angel who was worried as she admitted she hadn’t driven a manual car in a while.

Dick explained: “This was the first car in France! What we are going to do, because it is not running yet, is we are going to push it off and have a little play.

“And you are going to be in it, reversing,” he said and turned to Angel.

He asked: “You trust me don’t you?” however, Angel stood in shock staring at Dick, not saying a word.

As they unhooked the car, Angel climbed in and said: “I am actually not looking forward to this, I have not driven a manual car for…”

Dick explained: “We are going to ease back, relax, you are tipping slightly, keep your foot on the break hard! Off you go, keep going! Ladies and gentlemen, the car driver,” he teased.

Later, Dick took his children into the garage for them to help fix up the treasure they were all so excited about.

After encountering a few issues with the engine, Dick had managed to bring the vehicle back to life and it was soon time to clean it.

The kids, Dick and Angel all worked together to get the bright red colour back to life and had the car sparkling in no time.

Excited to get the car onto the road, the family bundled inside the car along with their dog for the first car ride as a family.

As the car roared to life, the children cheered in delight before the family set off, with Angel asking: “Shall we go to the village and get an ice cream?”

Later in the episode, Dick and Angel surprised Arthur and Dorothy with the completed games room they had transformed.

The room was filled with fairy lights on the wooden beams, installed with their favourite games spread around the room.

“I think it is stunning! I know we want them to explore the world but also have memories that they still want to come home” Angel expressed.

The kids eventually ran through and were stunned by the work and effort their parents had put into the room for them.

Angel and Dick beamed at their children who were excited with their new craft corner, taking the passions of their parents into their own hands.

Escape to the Chateau airs Sunday from 8pm on Channel 4.

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