'And Just Like That…': Every Rumor About What Happens to Samantha Jones in the 'Sex and the City' Reboot
27th November 2021

The Dec. 9 premiere of And Just Like That… is inching ever closer. In the lead-up to the premiere,  Sex and the City fans are clamoring for more information. Information is exactly what they are getting, at least in the form of rumors. While rumors about Mr. Big prevailed during the early days of filming, the closer we get to the premiere, the more stories we are hearing about Samantha Jones and her involvement, or lack thereof, in the reboot’s storyline. Have you heard all of the speculation about Samantha?

Kim Cattrall has opted not to return for the ‘Sex and the City’ reboot 

Kim Cattrall, the actor who portrayed Samantha Jones, has opted not to return for the show’s reboot. Cattrall portrayed the character for all six seasons and in both Sex and the City movies. Her absence might be difficult for fans to adjust to, but it’s hardly surprising. Cattrall has been outspoken about her feelings about her time on the production and her castmates. Those feelings are not positive.

Cattrall has been especially outspoken about her thoughts on Sarah Jessica Parker, the actor who portrays Carrie Bradshaw. Over the years, Cattrall has accused Parker of “mean girl” behavior on the set, and alleges she ostracized her. Cattrall has also suggested working on the show caused her divorce. Instead of returning to the series that made her a household name, Cattrall is striking out on her own. She recently worked on the ill-fated drama series, Filthy Rich. She is now signed on to narrate How I Met Your Father for Hulu. 

Speculation about Samantha Jones has ranged from a possible death storyline to a falling out between Samantha and Carrie 

The second Sex and the City fans found out that Cattrall had opted out of the project, they began speculating how the show’s writers would explain her absence. After all, Samantha was an important part of both the show and the two movies that followed. Recent hints seem to suggest one of two scenarios is most plausible. 

Over the summer, the cast of And Just Like That… was seen filming a potential funeral scene. Fans quietly began to theorize that Samantha could be the character who dies in the series. It certainly would be a quick and easy way to explain her absence. 

Another theory, based on comments by HBO Max executives, suggests Carrie and Samantha have had a falling out and have grown apart in the time between the end of Sex and the City 2 and the reboot. While the storyline isn’t an exciting one, it certainly feels the most organic. 

Samantha was the only unattached member of her posse. It seems plausible that Charlotte York, Miranda Hobbes, and Carrie simply had little in common with her anymore. How the falling out would play into the storyline remains anyone’s guess, though. 

More recent rumors suggest Samantha has moved away in ‘And Just Like That…’ 

The premiere of And Just Like That… is less than two weeks away. As the release quickly approaches, other theories about Samantha’s absence are being floated across the internet. The Daily Mail has reported that a source close to the production claims Samantha has moved out of New York.

The anonymous source allegedly told the publication that Samantha will now be based in London. Still, they didn’t detail how it will play out in the series or how important that will be to the overall storyline. Still, it’s plausible. Samantha had previously left New York to set down roots in Los Angeles.

Michael Patrick King recently alluded to the idea that the show will not completely write Samantha Jones out of the storyline. In an interview with Emmy Magazine, King, the show’s executive producer, made it clear that Cattrall is 100% not a part of the production, but he left the door open for Samantha to be somehow involved. He also didn’t go into further detail, but fans will be finding out soon enough. 

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