Ana Navarro's Wedding Album: See The Romantic Photos from Her Miami Nuptials
3rd March 2019

Ana Navarro, 47, tells PEOPLE en Español her new husband Al Cardenas, 71, “treats me like a princess, he treats me with so much love and respect… He likes to stroke my hair and tell me I’m beautiful. I like everything about him.”

Navarro was given away by her father, who made the trip along with Navarro’s mother from Nicaragua to be there for her big day.

Guest Gloria Estefan tells PEOPLE en Español the ceremony “couldn’t have been more beautiful… [It was] one of those special Miami afternoons that, you know, the sun, the weather, could not have been better.”

Navarro — who wore a white gown designed by Luis Escudero for Rene Ruiz Collection — has known Cardenas for more than 25 years, but the two only recently kindled a romance. “It wasn’t the right time back then, so we became very good friends through the years and through the decades,” she explained. “Finally, things fell into place, things worked out and we’re able to be here today.”

“We’ve loved each other for a long time and we’ve worked hard at getting here and it’s just a marvelous, wonderful fulfilling day for me,” Cardenas told PEOPLE en Español. “It’s hard to express but I found my partner, my best friend, and I just can’t wait for this journey to get going.”

Navarro didn’t let her nerves get the best of her, and said ahead of the nuptials that she was feeling “calm” and happy. “I feel full of love and surrounded by love,” she gushed.

Cardenas popped the question back in July, which Navarro happily accepted.

Cardenas joked to PEOPLE en Español that he was all but “excluded” from the wedding preparations, but that it was all for the best, since Navarro has “had a dream of how she wants her wedding and she’s fulfilling it.”

Numerous famous faces attended the ceremony and reception, including CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon; actress Eva Longoria; singer Gloria Estefan; senators Mitt Romney and Bob Menendez; and cohosts from The View.

The couple tied the knot in Miami Beach at the Indian Creek Country Club on Saturday.

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