Amy hatches a plan to take Kyle away from dangerous Cain for good in Emmerdale
8th February 2023

Since Kyle Winchester (Huey Quinn) came back home in Emmerdale, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) has chafed against the bail conditions that state that he mustn’t have any contact with his son.

With Kyle also desperate to see his dad, Cain has broken the bail conditions several times so they can spend time together.

Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson), meanwhile, knows that Cain’s actions risk Kyle being sent back to the secure unit and threaten his future – something that Cain seems unable to grasp.

In upcoming episodes Will (Dean Andrews) takes Kyle to the playground with Lucas (Noah Ryan Aspinall), but Cain soon appears. Will tells Cain that Amy has told him that he can’t have any contact with his son.

‘That just winds Cain up the wrong way and the scene ends with Will feeling like he’s doing the right thing but inadvertently winding Cain up,’ Jeff Hordley told us.

‘Cain’s like, “I’m going to take him for an orange juice. The courts have said I’m not supposed to see him but only because he’s going to be using my statement, so it’s not exactly dangerous for me.” So from Cain’s point of view it’s not dangerous for me to go and buy my son an orange juice. But Will doesn’t see it like that.’

Caleb (William Ash) arrives to defuse the situation and lead Cain away, but when Amy hears about what happened at the playground she’s livid – and makes a decision.

Will Cain regret losing his temper?

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