Amanda Holden and Alan Carr face rat-infested home in new series
4th January 2023

Alan Carr updates fans after he injured himself

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Amanda and Alan’s Italian Job, which starts on BBC One on Friday, will see the two famous faces and good friends join the ranks of the “One Euro” home buyers. They purchased a bargain-priced home nestled in the sun-kissed hills of rural Sicily to partake in the DIY challenge and faced some gruelling tasks. Speaking to and other media, the two talked candidly about how unpleasant the job was at times as they recalled “rat-infested” rooms.

While the actress and comedian are friends, they also share passions for travel and interior design.

Their shared interests led them to decide to spend a summer immersing themselves in the Sicilian way of life as they got “hands-on” in renovating the tired home.

The idea is that once the renovation is complete, the property will go on sale, with the proceeds donated to UK charities.

Discussing her initial fears about taking on the task, Amanda admitted: “I very arrogantly just thought I could handle it, that I’d be able to do it.”

Alan explained how he enjoyed getting a taste of Sicilian life while throwing himself into the job.

“I was very Sicilian,” he remarked. “It was like, you know, I wanted to feel like I was in Sicily.

“You know – when in Rome, do what the Romans do, as they say.

“My hands were like… callus, they were callus.

“I know people will go, ‘Oh, I bet they didn’t do anything,’ but we genuinely did!”

Amanda detailed: “We bashed walls down, we took metalwork off, we took windows out, we brick laid.”

“You forget the main thing,” Alan cut in. “When we get there, there had been squatters in there…”

“Oh God, the squatters were a nightmare!” Amanda agreed.

“There was excrement up the walls…” Alan added as he remembered the grim aspects of the project.

“And we lifted out mattresses which were rat infested,” Amanda commented.

“There were creepies crawlies I couldn’t even name!”

When asked if the duo cleaned the place themselves, Amanda confirmed they did “everything”.

“We did everything ourselves, we did,” Alan emphasised.

Amanda explained: “We did because that was the thing and that’s what we wanted to do, and that’s the show.

“And I would always get my hands dirty anyway. And it was disgusting.”

However, the two explained they had enjoyed themselves and managed to squeeze in some fun as they soaked up the culture.

Amanda and Alan’s Italian job airs on BBC One at 8.30pm on Friday, January 6.

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