‘A shambles’ British national emotional at ‘shameful lack of humanity’ towards refugees
9th March 2022

Ukraine: British national 'ashamed' by lack of humanity from UK

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Luke Morgan went to assist his mother and father-in-law to flee Ukraine following the Russian invasion. Speaking on BBC Breakfast, he explained how difficult it had been to get close to having acceptable documents needed in order to get back home with his relatives. Becoming emotional, he slammed the government’s “lack of humanity”.

After describing the harrowing process he had endured in a week, Luke was asked BBC Breakfast presenter Jon Kay: “What do you make of the UK government response on visas?

“They say they are surging it and increasing but as somebody who’s living through it right now, how would you describe it?”

“I’m ashamed,” Luke replied. “I’m ashamed at the lack of support the lack of humanity.

“I think the lies and deceit is shameful what’s being said in Parliament and on Boris Johnson’s visits to Ukrainian churches, it’s simply not true.”


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