A Place in the Sun’s Lee Juggurnauth shut down as couple clash over home ‘I don’t agree’
20th June 2022

A Place in the Sun: Couple disagree over rooftop space

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In a new episode of A Place in the Sun, Lee was tasked with finding a perfect holiday home in Torrevieja in Spain’s Costa Blanca to help ex-engineer Ash and retired banker Anila find their dream property. With a budget of £135,000, they were after a three-bedroom house which would be suitable for their children and grandchildren to enjoy. After a rocky start with the hunt though, Lee was exasperated as the Ash wanted to make the second property a contender while Anila disagreed and shut down Lee’s vision on the Channel 4 favourite.

After rejecting property one because it wasn’t big enough, the couple went with Lee to a three-bed villa in Torrevieja.

The semi-detached property came with a lounge-diner, a roof-top terrace with sea views, more private terraces to the side and front, and a large communal pool.

It also had a private parking space at the front of the property and was valued at £142,017.

While Ash was keen to keep it as an option initially, Anila wasn’t happy with the property choice.

After exploring the house, the three met on the sunny rooftop to discuss their thoughts.

“You said sea view, you’ve got one!” Lee commented, seeming sure he had found a winner.

“This is the rooftop solarium. There is a balcony down there as well. What do you think?”

Ash replied: “This would be just for adults only, I’m just looking at the safety aspect of having children up here.

“So yeah, it’s a great space absolutely. I can see myself relaxing here with a glass of wine.”

Anila didn’t have the same vision though, and quickly remarked: “I don’t agree.”

Lee and Ash looked disappointed as Anila continued: “I think it’s a bit small and the steps are a bit precarious.”

“Conflict!” Lee joked, adding: “Okay… you like it, you don’t. Why don’t you take a look at the rest of the property?”

The couple completed the tour before rejoining Lee, who asked: “How did it go?”

“I think there’s a bit of a conflict here,” Ash admitted. “There are positives for that property.

“I like the look of the outdoor space, the bedroom’s pretty good the size of the pool is perfect for adults and kiddies.

“Anila feels, same as me, that the living space… we are both in agreement it’s not quite big enough for us.”

Anila explained: The top is just too small and the spiral staircase too precarious.”

Lee remained hopeful he had a potential option though and asked: “A contender?”

“No, sorry Lee,” Anila stated as the property expert appeared disheartened. She went on: “I’m upset for us and for you.”

As Lee turned to Ash, he hesitated before adding: “Erm, no I’m afraid.”

By the time it came to making the all-important decision, the couple was torn between two properties they’d seen.

However, they ultimately decided they would go home to “look at finances” with their children before making a final decision.

“The plan is to come back here very soon, rent a place and ask one of the children to come over and help us search a property,” Ash explained.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays from 4pm on Channel 4.

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