A Place in the Sun: Scarlette Douglas warns couple in ‘tough’ search ‘You can’t negotiate’
19th January 2021

A Place in the Sun: Scarlette warns couple of ‘budget challenge’

Scarlette Douglas was tasked with a difficult property search on the Greek Island of Paros as the Channel 4 expert hoped to find couple Caitlin and Simon their dream holiday home on A Place in the Sun. However, after a few failed attempts at impressing the pair, Scarlette warned they’d have to be more realistic about what they budget could offer them. 

The couple had a budget of £140,000 but were willing to spend up to £150,000 on the perfect property. 

From the start, Scarlette warned the couple that the vast majority of homeowners hold out for offers that match the asking price. 

The expert explained this meant focussing their search on properties that were within their budget as negotiating was out of the question. 

Despite the warning, the first two houses failed to interest Caitlin and Simon as they both lacked the space and location they were looking for. 

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However, the third two-bed house in Glysidia piqued their interest as it gave them the space they were desperate for. 

“Is this a contender?” Scarlette asked and Caitlin replied: “Definitely.”

“Yes we’ve got one in the bag,” the Channel 4 presenter said. 

“I think it’s by far the best in terms of what we want so far it’s in a different league I think,” Simon commented. 

“Only one thing that might be improved is you could take this property a little bit closer to a village or town.”

“Now I have to be honest with both of you,” Scarlette warned. “It is going to be a tough challenge to get you close to a town centre.

“There aren’t a huge amount of properties on the market here on this island 

“The properties that are here you cannot negotiate prices so I can’t get them to within your budget.

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“So do bear that in mind and we’ll head off look at the next one and see if we get another contender.”

“I’m glad I finally got one property in the running but I think I can still find something that suits them even better,” Scarlette later added.

Luckily, the property expert was able to find a bungalow that suited the couple’s needs with a perfect location to match. 

The house was on the market for £151,785 but Scarlette assured them the owner would be willing to consider offers around £147,000.

However, Caitlin and Simon reasoned building work needed to be carried out to convert the basement into a second bedroom.

With that in mind, the pair put forward a final offer of £143,000 which was rejected by the owner. 

“I’m trying to hide my disappointment,” Scarlette said when the couple confirmed they would not agree to £147,000.

“We did want it but when you step back and realise what’s best for you, we didn’t want to be persuaded into spending more than we thought the property was worth,” Simon explained.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 3pm.

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