A Place in the Sun: Laura Hamilton baffled as guest’s friend ‘blames self’ for rejection
8th June 2021

A Place in the Sun: Guest explains why she doesn't want property

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During the latest episode of A Place in the Sun, Channel 4 presenter Laura Hamilton was hoping to find hospital worker Sharon her dream holiday home in Torrevieja, Spain. With a budget of £50,000, Sharon wanted to find a spacious property with two bedrooms. She also wanted her home to be close to local amenities and a swimming pool was a non-negotiable for the house hunter. Sharon took her friend Christiana along for support during the search, although, things took an unexpected turn when her pal put Sharon off from buying one apartment.

“I’m looking forward to a new life here when I can move over,” Sharon told Laura as she listed off what she was looking for.

“This is going to be tricky,” Laura said in the voiceover before they began their property search. “They have a long list of requirements and I think they’re going to have to compromise.”

The first property Laura took Sharon to was less than a 10-minute walk from local amenities, and it was also very close to a beach, which is what the NHS worker wanted.

Sharon appeared to be impressed with the first apartment as she noted that it “didn’t need much work” doing to it.

She also told Laura the communal pool was one of the “best” she had ever seen.

When asked what Laura could improve on with the next property, Sharon told the property expert she wanted somewhere with two bedrooms.

“You know trying to find a two-bed on your budget will be a bit of a push,” Laura warned Sharon.

Despite viewing another property in the area, Sharon seemed to be blown away with the second apartment.


She loved the size of the pool and commented on how “modern” the holiday home looked.

However, despite being impressed by what the apartment had to offer, Sharon told Laura that she wasn’t interested.

Christiana quickly stepped in as she blamed herself for putting Sharon off the property because of the view from the window.

“I don’t think it’s for me,” Sharon told the property expert.

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A stunned Laura replied: “Wow, I’m shocked. I really thought we had a second contender.”

“I thought we did,” Sharon replied. “Then when we were up there, there were a few things that were adding up to be a bit too much.”

“Like what?” Laura quizzed as Christiana confessed: “It’ll be my fault partly because I mentioned the view.”

Sharon added: “There was no air con and there was this glass balcony and I think it’s going to take it away a bit, especially if I’m going to have friends come and stay.”

“Sorry, that was my fault,” Christiana said as she blamed herself again for the rejection.

The third property Laura took the duo to was very close to a beach although it didn’t have a communal swimming pool.

“That’s the compromise,” Laura told them before viewing the property.

Sharon still seemed unsure about the property because it didn’t seem as spacious inside and it didn’t have a communal pool.

The house hunter seemed to shut down the fourth property straight away and despite it being priced at £44,000 which was less than her budget, Sharon felt it was too far away from the area she liked so much.

She also failed to be blown away by the fifth property and when it came to making a decision, Sharon decided against putting in an offer for any of the properties.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 4pm on Channel 4.

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