A bungalow with its own private airfield is on sale for £2million
10th September 2020

Looking for a property with a difference?

Or just want a lot of outdoor space?

Look no further than this bungalow, which has its very own private airfield.

Known as Maypole Airfield, the 700-metre grass landing strip, near Canterbury, Kent, is only big enough for a light aircraft.

But really, do you need anything bigger than that? You can still take your plane to France and then come home to frolic in the fields.

Along with the field, you’ll also get extensive hangar buildings, horse stabling, and almost 55 acres of pastureland.

Oh, and a rather nice three-bedroom bungalow.

Estate agents Strutt and Parker are marketing the sites as two separate lots – the airfield, hangar buildings, stabling, and land as one, and the bungalow plus more than an acre of gardens as the other.

The airfield lot is on sale for £1.3million, then the bungalow is £675,000, so you can buy the whole thing for £1.975million. Bargain.

The bungalow, known as White Horse Cottage, has three bedrooms (one of which has an en suite), a reception hall, a sitting room, a dining room, a kitchen, a utility room, another family bathroom, and a double garage.

It’s got plenty of countryside charm, with a brick fireplace and French doors.

Location wise, the properties are in Hoath, which is within easy driving (or flying) distance from Herne Bay and Whistable

The unusual property has come on the market after its owners Andy and Sally Haigh, who have had it for 20 years, decided it was time to spread their wings.

Andy said: ‘What started out as a bit of a hobby has become a full time job and commitment and we have decided we need to step back a bit.

‘We have the advantage of being closest to France. Some days I reckon I could fly to Calais to go shopping quicker than I could drive into Canterbury and park.’

As well as having a hangar and open aircraft parking, the airfield has customs facilities and is often used as a stopover for those taking a break before crossing the channel.

There’s also a dedicated helicopter landing area, in case you need it.

The agent adds that the couple would be willing to help the new owner keep the airfield running as a business, so you don’t need to worry if you’re not too confident on the specifics of air travel.

The additional land could also be used for all sorts of exciting things, such as farming or a vineyard.

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