1923's Julia Schlaepfer: Alexandra Has 'No Idea' What She's Getting Into With the Dutton Family — WATCH
3rd February 2023

When 1923 returns from a several-week hiatus this weekend, Spencer Dutton and his soon-to-be missus, Alexandra, will be en route to Montana, expecting the worst.

As the pair learned via a packet of long-unopened letters at the end of Episode 4 (read recap), Spencer’s brother, John Sr., is dead. And as far as Spencer knows, his grievously wounded Uncle Jacob is soon to follow. Plus, there’s the the range war and the drought? None of it sounds fun — and that’s before British socialite Alex first encounters Spencer’s formidable Aunt Cara.

So when TVLine sat down for a Zoom with Julia Schlaepfer, who plays Alex on the just-renewed Yellowstone prequel, we wanted to know how prepared her alter ego might be for life on the Dutton ranch.

“I think she has no idea,” Schlaepfer says in the video above. “But I think that she is the type of gal to take anything and give it her best. Give it her all… You know, ‘I don’t necessarily know what I’m doing or why, but I know what I want and I’m going to get it, and I’m going to master it.’” She smiles. “Wherever she lands, I think that she’s going to be great at it.”

Our chat with Schlaepfer, whose past TV credits include The Politician and American Horror Stories, also touched on Alex’s moments of doubt about her rash decision to run off with a virtual stranger (“I think it’s just the natural desire for any woman really to want more for themselves”) and the practical concerns of filming love scenes at the beach (“Tides are a thing”). And the interview serves as a companion piece for our conversation with her co-star Brandon Sklenar, who plays Spencer, earlier this year. (Watch that one here.)

Press PLAY on the video above to hear Schlaepfer’s thoughts on what’s ahead for the Dutton family’s plucky newcomer, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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