1000lb Best Friends row erupts as Vanessa blasts sister over fast food
21st January 2023

1000-lb Best Friends: Vannessa argues with sister over takeaways

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However, in the latest episode of TLC’s 1000lb Best Friends, Jacob’s own weight loss journey was hindered by none other than his aunt and Vanessa’s sister, Jakie. After he’d put on 30lbs over the past few months, Vanessa was furious to see her sister was sharing her fast food lunch with him. And fans could only watch on as Vanessa called her sister out for her actions, resulting in a fiery encounter.

Jakie arrived at Vanessa’s home for a visit to see how her sister’s weight loss journey was going now they no longer lived together.

“I didn’t even know that I could live my life without having the task of looking after you and stuff,” Jakie said as they reflected on their new living situations.

Vanessa saw the lighter side as she joked: “That’s the thing, I lost the weight and I also lost all the people who do s**t for me.”

Speaking to the camera, Jakie said living together was “unhealthy” due to her helping Vanessa so much and her sister had now thrived living alone.

However, Jakie soon irked her sister when she invited her nephew Jacob to join her for lunch.

“Sit down. So are you doing alright? You still playing your games and stuff?” Jakie asked while handing Jacob a chip before also passing over a milkshake.

Jacob obliged and began eating away before asking his aunt how she was doing, prompting her to reply: “Yeah, just working all the time and that’s about it.”

But spotting what was happening, Vanessa interrupted the chat and fumed: “What the heck! Why has he got that? Why is he drinking a milkshake?”

“It’s just a milkshake, Vanessa!” Jakie protested but Vanessa was outraged: “Jakie, why are you bringing that around?”

“This is my lunch,” Jakie said. “I bought this for myself, I’m just sharing it with him!”

“But you don’t know this boy weighs 490 damn pounds!” Vanessa shouted, to which Jakie barked back: “He can have one damn milkshake and still lose weight.”

“No, no, no, no, no, no,” Vanessa argued before she spoke to the camera and said: “Bringing fat foods to this house is like bringing a bottle of liquor to an AA meeting. That’s just something you don’t do.”

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Jacob weighed in with his thoughts, telling the camera: “I understand my mum being upset and everything about it. 

“But it’s just a milkshake and I don’t see why she’s overly angry. I don’t like when my mum and Jakie fight because it’s just annoying and useless, especially if I’m in the middle of it.”

Jacob left the fiery altercation but his mum and aunt weren’t done there.

“This boy has got to do some more healthier eating. You offered him a milkshake and a goddamn fry!” Vanessa shouted.

“Well, milkshakes are good. And when you put a fry in it, it’s even better,” Jakie said rather smugly which prompted Vanessa to hit out: “See, that makes me wanna relapse. The reason I had to leave your house is because (of) the enabling.”

But Jakie wasn’t backing down: “Vanessa, this is called normal, f*****g food. This is what normal people f*****g eat.”

“Let me say this, when you come over, don’t bring a damn thing – or water, fruit or vegetables,” Vanessa emphatically told her.

“I’m not mad, I’m hurt about it because to see me go through what I went through, and then you’re still bringing stuff like that to my home is hurtful,” Vanessa concluded.

Vanessa decided it was time to take action after Jacob had gained 30lbs in the last few months and booked him into the doctors. 

1000lb Best Friends season 2 continues Wednesdays on TLC in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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