Xmas brainbuster: Test your knowledge of the year’s sporting events with our special quiz
25th December 2018

From stars' jobs before they became famous to strange expressions to even more unusual stats, have a go at our Christmas quiz with something to tease and please everyone. Yule be happy you gave it a go!

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1) What job did PDC world champ Rob Cross do before he took up darts professionally?

a) Plumber; b) Policeman; c) MP for South Thanet; d) Electrician

2 Ryan Giggs was named manager of the Wales national team. Of the 40 friendlies Wales played while Giggs was a player, how many did he appear in?

a) 10; b) 20; c) 30; d) 40

3 In which city was British ­tennis star Kyle Edmund, semi-finalist in January’s Australian Open, born?

a) Sydney; b) Johannesburg; c) Toronto; d) Leeds

4 Which of these Team GB athletes’ Winter Olympics medals didn’t come in the skeleton?

a) Izzy Atkin; b) Laura Deas; c) Dom Parsons; d) Lizzy Yarnold

5 How did US snowboarder Chloe Kim describe herself after winning gold in PyeongChang?

a) Totally cray-cray; b) Wasted; c) So frickin’ cold; d) Hangry.

6 In which position did England finish in the Six Nations Championship?

a) 2nd; b) 3rd; c) 4th; d) 5th

7 Which on-course misfortune hit golfer Tony Finau the day before the Masters?

a) He tore ankle ligaments celebrating a hole in one; b) His caddy ran him over in a buggy; c) He was stung after hitting a wasps’ nest with a seven-iron; d) An alligator ate his ball

8 In a particularly bad-tempered Champions League final against Liverpool, how many free-kicks did Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos concede?

a) 0; b) 5; c) 10; d) 15.

9 Which member of England’s World Cup squad is the half-brother of former Newcastle striker Carl Cort?
a) Ruben Loftus-Cheek; b) Kyle Walker; c) Danny Rose; d) Fabian Delph

10 The surname of which member of Gareth Southgate’s World Cup squad is only one letter different from the shirt number he wore at the tournament . . . when that number is spelled in German?

a) Kane; b) Dier; c) Rose; d) Welbeck

11 France won the World Cup final 4-2 — but what is the most common score in World Cup finals since the first in 1930?

a) 1-0; b) 2-1; c) 3-1; d) 4-2
12 Welshman Geraint Thomas triumphed in the Tour de France. Who was the first British-born cyclist to win it?

a) Bradley Wiggins; b) Chris Froome; c) Greg Lemond; d) Geraint Thomas

13 In the women’s hockey World Cup, held in London, which minnows were the shock runners-up?

a) Turkmenistan; b) Central African Republic; c) Ireland; d) Vanuatu

14 Wolves are back in the Premier League — of their summer signings, which one wears the No 11 shirt?

a) Rui Patricio; b) Adama Traore; c) Willy Boly; d) Joao Moutinho

15 Sprinter Dina Asher-Smith won three golds at the European Championships. What is Dina short for?

a) Aldina; b) Geraldina; c) Medina; d) Nadina

16 Which sports star called match official Carlos Ramos “a thief”?

a) Gennady Golovkin; b) Tyson Fury; c) Serena Williams; d) Aliou Cisse

17 Who, after sealing pole position in Formula One’s Mexican Grand Prix, said: “I can relax because I’m tripping major nutsack right now”?

a) Lewis Hamilton; b) Sebastian Vettel; c) Daniel Ricciardo; d) ­Valtteri Bottas

18 Which England cricketer opened both the batting and the bowling in the Second Test against Sri Lanka in November?

a) Joe Root; b) Jack Leach; c) Jimmy Anderson; d) Moeen Ali

19 What word links England footballer Lucy, who helped Lyon win the women’s Champions League, and boxer Deontay Wilder’s ‘Bomber’ alter ego?

a) Gold; b) Silver; c) Bronze; d) Brown

20 In a podcast this month, basketball superstar Steph Curry said he believed which crazy conspiracy theory?

a) The Earth is flat; b) Moon landings were faked; c) Governments control our brains using chemtrails; d) Manchester United could still make top four this season


1) d;

2) a;

3) b;

4) d;

5) a (in freestyle skiing),

6) d;

7) a (but he still finished joint tenth);

8) a (even in spite of him banjaxing Mo Salah);

9) a;

10) b (Dier/vier = No 4);

11) d (three previous World Cup champs also won 4-2, Uruguay in 1930, Italy in 1938 and England in 1966);

12) d (the others were born in Belgium, Kenya and the USA respectively);

13) c;

14) a (yes, that’s right, the goalkeeper — we don’t know what to believe any more);

15) b;

16) c (in her US Open final defeat to Naomi Osaka);

17) c;

18) b;

19) c;

20) b (he later apologised to an astronaut and said he’d meant his comments in jest).


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