WWE Royal Rumble 2023 LIVE RESULTS: Sami Zayn TURNS on Reigns, Cody Rhodes and Rhea Ripley WIN Rumble matches – updates | The Sun
29th January 2023

THE WWE Royal Rumble 2023 concluded in dramatic scenes.

Cody Rhodes made his big return and won the men's Rumble match. He'll be going forth to WWE WrestleMania 39.

While Rhea Ripley won the women's Rumble in a stunning performance after entering at #1.

And in the main event Roman Reigns defeated Kevin Owens, but it was after the match when first Sami Zayn turned on Reigns, before the Bloodline – minus Jey Uso – beat down Zayn in a thrilling finale.


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  • Alex Smith

    Royal Rumble results

    Here’s a recap how the Royal Rumble went down:

    Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns def. Kevin Owens

    Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair def. Alexa Bliss

    Cody Rhodes won the Men’s Royal Rumble Match

    Rhea Ripley won the Women’s Royal Rumble Match

    Bray Wyatt def. LA Knight (Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match)

  • Alex Smith

    Why did WWE pull Rey Mysterio?

    Rey Mysterio was meant to be the No.17 entry to the 30-man Royal Rumble, yet he never came out.

    Instead Dominik, his son, entered the ring with his father's mask – no explanation was given as to why.

    Speculation suggests Dominik could have attacked his father backstage but Dave Meltzer told Wrestling Observer Radio that the Hall of Famer suffered an injury in his SmackDown match with Karrion Kross.

  • Alex Smith

    Beach Babe

    Mandy Rose showed off her stunning figure as she strolled through the beach.

    The stunner is no stranger to leaving little to the imagination and was even axed by WWE last month due to a dispute over content posted on her fan account.

    The caption was short and sweet, it said: "?? LINK IN BIO ?."

  • Alex Smith

    Rhodes on injury

    Cody Rhodes has a small pectoral injury – but it is not thought to rule him out WrestleMania 39.

    A relaxed Royal Rumble winner said: "“I’m very sorry I got hurt. That was stupid. Warm up before you lift."

    He named yesterday as the "biggest night of my career.”

  • Alex Smith

    Rhodes on title chance

    Cody Rhodes' Royal Rumble success has set earned him a shot at WrestleMania 39.

    Rhodes said on last night's win: "It doesn’t just feel good, it feels surreal.

    "I wasn’t even working here a year ago. I don’t know how we got here. There are things in my career that lined up perfectly, so perfectly. I don’t know how we got here.

    "I don’t believe in destiny, I don’t believe in fate, but my gosh, if there was a case study for it, it’s me.

    "Maybe I just need to give in and say what this is, it’s a journey of destiny, who knows."

  • Alex Smith

    Returns outside the ring

    Royal Rumble is full of surprises and they didn't just come in the ring last night in Texas.

    Commentator Pat McAfee returned joining the rest of the team which featured Corey Graves and Michael Cole.

    McAfee worked on WWE SmackDown but left last September, signing a contract at ESPN.

  • Alex Smith

    WWE suffer Nia Jaxe gaffe

    Nia Jax's WWE return at Royal Rumble did not go all according to plan.

    This is because her entrance was botched up due to her intro music being played before the countdown.

    And fans were quick to throw shade at the gaffe.

    One user said: "They botched Nia Jax’s entrance. How fitting ?????."

    A second remarked: "There’s no f***ing way that Nia Jax is back and her entrance was BOTCHED before the timer went off. ?."

    A third added: "Nia Jax coming out as they botch her entry lmao. Can’t make this up."

  • Alex Smith

    Musk reacts to Paul

    Twitter and Tesla boss Elon Musk reacted to Logan Paul's appearance at Royal Rumble.

    WWE's official accounted tweet a video of The Maverick and Ricochet colliding.

    Paul has called out controversial influencer Andrew Tate to a UFC battle and fans commented on the post about the possibility of the Amercian facing Tate in a future Royal Rumble.

    Surprisingly, Musk jumped into the conversation joking that the fight is "only a matter of time".

    Fans were left shocked by the businessman's WWE interest, one said: "You need a Royal Rumble appearance Elon."

  • Alex Smith

    Like father like son

    Cody Rhodes' win at the Royal Rumble last night led to the 37-year-old being asked what his father and ex-wrestler Dusty would have thought.

    Cody said: "The thing about my dad was that, when it’s a big moment, shockingly, a guy who could spit fire and a master orator, he didn’t say a lot.

    "That’s the way our relationship was. He liked to watch when I got into the zone. Everyone will tell you, ‘He’s watching,’ and all this.

    "To honour him the best way, I try not to think about it. Triple H saying he’s proud of me, that means a lot because I caused a lot of trouble.

    "I don’t regret the trouble, but maybe I regret some of the ways I handled it."

    Credit: Getty Images – Getty
  • Alex Smith

    Door forever open for The Rock

    On talk regarding a potential return for The Rock, WWE chief Triple H suggested he will not be back for WrestleMania but expressed that he is always welcome to step back in the ring.

    Triple H admitted that Dwayne Johnson is too "busy" to devout his entire time to WWE at the moment.

    However, Triple H said: "We always have conversations with him because he loves it so much, and we'd love for him to be part of it.

    "He's the biggest star in Hollywood, maybe the most recognisable person on the planet. This is his home. He has an open invitation. We don't lock the door… but he's incredibly busy.

    "He knows the door's open and when he has the time to walk through it he can come in and electrify everybody."

  • Alex Smith

    Triple H dismisses Rock rumours

    WWE chief creative officer Triple H has seemingly put to bed talk over Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson returning for WrestleMania 39.

    The event takes place on April 1 and April 2 at SoFi Stadium.

    Triple H said: "He's incredibly busy.

    "There's a part of him that if he could be here for this WrestleMania in Hollywood, he would turn over every stone and walk through fire to be able to do it.

    "I just don't think it's in the cards."

    He went on to say that The Rock has mutual respect for the company and would only appear if he could fully devout himself.

    Triple H continued: "That respect factor both ways, he wouldn't want to do it unless he could absolutely do it, you know?

    "There's no way he would show up here and half-ass it, there's no way he would show up here and not come in and put every single thing into it to make it the best it could possibly be.

    "So unless he could do that, it won't happen."

  • Alex Smith

    Gunther on his performance

    Gunther beat five on his road coming so close to winning Royal Rumble.

    He was eventually defeated by eventual winner Cody Rhodes.

    But on his display, the Austrian said: "How do I feel? It was again up to me to step up and take responsibility to restore the honour of our precious sport.

    "The whole way through they put the biggest obstacles in my way, the whole way through I've been there, and at the end, it was an error on my behalf.

    "I got to blame me for that, it's nobody else. 

    "But like we always do in Imperium, when we fall, we get back up because we are driven by a greater good.

    "Weekend to weekend, we drive all around the country to represent this sport the way it's supposed to be.

    "We are Imperium and to us the mat is sacred."

  • Alex Smith

    Gunther breaks record

    WWE star Gunther demolished an incredible record held by legendary Rey Mysterio.

    The Austrian eliminated five last night as his attempt to book a place at WrestleMania saw him have a match last one hour eleven minutes and twenty-five seconds.

    It broke the record for the longest clash in a in a 30-man Rumble match.

  • Alex Smith

    Hall of Famer return

    Beth Phoenix returned to the ring and faced Rhea Ripley as The Judgement Day saw her attack husband Edge.

    Edge reportedly had plans to wrestle Finn Balor in a Hell in a Cell bout but that could happen at WrestleMania next month.

    Fans could be in for a treat as Edge and Beth Phoenix take on Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley.

  • Matt Penn

    Magic moment

    How about this from Logan Paul last night? Sensational stuff.

    Credit: Getty
  • Kostas Lianos

    Logan Paul WrestleMania plan

    It looks like Logan Paul has laid down the foundation for a major WrestleMania 39 clash.

    Paul eliminated Seth Rollins from the Men’s Royal Rumble Match.

    The YouTuber then taunted Rollins, who sat at ringside looking shocked.

    It looks like the two high-flyers will lock horns in April at the Showcase of the Immortals

  • Kostas Lianos

    Rhodes' wife message

    Cody Rhodes' wife Brandi issued a touching message after her husband won the Men's Royal Rumble Match on his return.

    Brandi tweeted: "1 years ago we had a private conversation in a TV hotel parking lot.

    "It was a broken hearted pipe dream void of direction, but filled with hope.

    "There were many setbacks. But now here he is pointing to the WrestleMania sign. LIVE this moment"

  • Kostas Lianos

    Potential WrestleMania matches after Royal Rumble

    Here's how the WrestleMania 39 card could look like after the Royal Rumble:

    Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs Cody Rhodes

    RAW Women's Champion Bianca Belair vs Rhea Ripley

    Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

    Seth Rollins vs Logan Paul

  • Kostas Lianos

    AEW stars react to Rhodes triumph

    AEW stars took to Twitter to congratulate former comrade Cody Rhodes' Royal Rumble triumph.

    Rhodes returned to WWE last year after leaving the company he helped build with Tony Khan.

    Rhodes' legendary brother Dustin tweeted: "F**k yeah!! Bring it home Brother!"

    Shawn Spears posted: "The boy looks fantastic. Finish the story."

    Sammy Guevara commented: "Hell yeah! Congratulations!"

  • Kostas Lianos

    What's next after Royal Rumble?

    The biggest question after the Royal Rumble is what happens with The Bloodline.

    Sami Zayn is officially out after he turned on Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and hit him with a steel chair.

    Zayn was then attacked by Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso, but Jey Uso walked away.

    The stable needs to regroup as Reigns is now set to defend his title against Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39

  • Kostas Lianos

    Royal Rumble results

    Here's how the Royal Rumble went down:

    Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns def. Kevin Owens

    Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair def. Alexa Bliss

    Cody Rhodes won the Men's Royal Rumble Match

    Rhea Ripley won the Women's Royal Rumble Match

    Bray Wyatt def. LA Knight (Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match)

  • Kostas Lianos

    Roman Reings def. Kevin Owens

    The show has ended with Zayn and Owens left lying on the canvas.

    Have a feeling the two Canadians will team up to face Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos at WrestleMania 39

  • Kostas Lianos

    Roman Reings def. Kevin Owens

    Reigns delivers a series a chair shots to a fallen Zayn, follows it up with punches to the face.

    He then rips his Honorary Uce shirts off, Jey has walked to the back

  • Kostas Lianos

    Roman Reings def. Kevin Owens

    Jey Uso walks away from all this.

    What is going on with The Bloodline…?

  • Kostas Lianos

    Roman Reings def. Kevin Owens

    Zayn turns on Reigns!

    Zayn hits Reigns withasteel chair from behind and the Bloodline are all over him now.

    Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa are destroying him but Jey is not keen

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