World Cup 2022 TV games: Which matches are on BBC and ITV and what channel are England's fixtures on?
6th June 2022

THE World Cup draw was made last week as England found out they will have what they hope will be a gentle group.

Iran, the United States and Wales are their opponents in Group B.

Should they progress from the group, they will face a quarter-final against one of Qatar, Senegal, Netherlands or Ecuador.

What TV channels are England's World Cup 2022 games on?

England's first match against Iran is live on BBC.

The Three Lions' second match against the United States will be live on ITV, before they return to the BBC for the final group fixture against one of Scotland, Wales or Ukraine.

ITV however, will get first pick of last 16 and quarter-final matches.

BBC will then get first pick of the semi-finals.

World Cup 2022 TV games

Group stage

Monday, November 21

Group A: Senegal vs Netherlands (10am) – ITV

Group B: England vs Iran (1pm) – BBC

Group A: Qatar vs Ecuador (4pm) – BBC

Group B: United States vs Wales – ITV

Tuesday, November 22

Group C: Argentina vs Saudi Arabia (10am) – ITV

Group D: Denmark vs Tunisia (1pm) – ITV

Group C: Mexico vs Poland (4pm) – BBC

Group D: France vs Peru or Australia / United Arab Emirates (7pm) – BBC

Tuesday, November 22

Group F: Morocco vs Croatia (10am) – ITV

Group E: Germany vs Japan (1pm) – ITV

Group E: Spain vs Costa Rica or New Zealand (4pm) – ITV

Group F: Belgium vs Canada (7pm) – BBC

Wednesday, November 24

Group G: Switzerland vs Cameroon (10am) – ITV

Group H: Uruguay vs South Korea (1pm) – BBC

Group H: Portugal vs Ghana (4pm) – ITV

Group G: Brazil vs Serbia (7pm) – BBC

Friday, November 25

Group B: Wales vs Iran (10am) – BBC

Group A: Qatar vs Senegal (1pm) – BBC

Group A: Netherlands vs Ecuador (4pm) – ITV

Group B: England vs United States (7pm) – ITV

Saturday, November 26

Group D: Tunisia vs Peru or Australia / United Arab Emirates (10am) – BBC

Group C: Poland vs Saudi Arabia (1pm) – ITV

Group D: France vs Denmark (4pm) – ITV

Group C: Argentina vs Mexico (7pm) – ITV

Sunday, November 27

Group E: Japan vs Costa Rica or New Zealand (10am) – ITV

Group F: Belgium vs Morocco (1pm) – BBC

Group F: Croatia vs Canada (4pm) – BBC

Group E: Spain vs Germany (7pm) – BBC

Monday, November 28

Group G: Cameroon vs Serbia (10am) – ITV

Group H: South Korea vs Ghana (1pm) – BBC

Group G: Brazil vs Switzerland (4pm) – ITV

Group H: Portugal vs Uruguay (7pm) – ITV

Tuesday, November 29

Group A: Netherlands vs Qatar (3pm) – ITV

Group A: Ecuador vs Senegal (3pm) – ITV

Group B: Wales vs England (7pm) – BBC

Group B: Iran vs United States (7pm) – BBC

Wednesday, November 30

Group D: Tunisia vs France (3pm) – BBC

Group D: Peru or Australia / United Arab Emirates vs Denmark (3pm) – BBC

Group C: Poland vs Argentina (7pm) – BBC

Group C: Saudi Arabia vs Mexico (7pm) – BBC

Thursday, December 1

Group F: Croatia vs Belgium (3pm) – BBC

Group F: Canada vs Morocco (3pm) – BBC

Group E: Japan vs Spain (7pm) – ITV

Group E: Costa Rica or New Zealand vs Germany (7pm) – ITV

Friday, December 2

Group H: South Korea vs Portugal (3pm) – BBC

Group H: Ghana vs Uruguay (3pm) – BBC

Group G: Cameroon vs Brazil (7pm) – ITV

Group G: Serbia vs Switzerland (7pm) – ITV

Last 16

Saturday, December 3

Match 49: Winners Group A vs Runners-up Group B (3pm) – TBC

Match 50: Winners Group C vs Runners-up Group D (7pm) – TBC

Sunday, December 4

Match 52: Winners Group D vs Runners-up Group C (3pm) – TBC

Match 51: Winners Group A vs Runners-up Group B (7pm) – TBC

Monday, December 5

Match 53: Winners Group E vs Runners-up Group F (3pm) – TBC

Match 54: Winners Group G vs Runners-up Group H (7pm) – TBC

Tuesday, December 6

Match 55: Winners Group F vs Runners-up Group F (3pm) – TBC

Match 56: Winners Group H vs Runners-up Group G (7pm) – TBC


Friday, December 9

Match 58: Winners of Match 53 vs Winners of Match 54 (3pm) – TBC

Match 57: Winners of Match 49 vs Winners of Match 50 (7pm) – TBC

Saturday, December 10

Match 60: Winners of Match 55 vs Winners of Match 56 (3pm) – TBC

Match 59: Winners of Match 51 vs Winners of Match 52 (7pm) – TBC


Tuesday, December 13

Match 61: Winners of Match 57 vs Winners of Match 58 (7pm) – TBC

Wednesday, December 14

Match 62: Winners of Match 59 vs Winners of Match 60 (7pm) – TBC

Third/Fourth place play-off

Saturday, December 17

Losers of Match 61 vs Losers of Match 62 (3pm) – TBC


Sunday, December 18

Winners of Match 61 vs Winners of Match 62 (3pm) – TBC

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