Wimbledon 2022 LIVE RESULTS: Nadal battles back vs Fritz in FIFTH set after medical time out, Kyrgios WINS – latest | The Sun
6th July 2022

RAFAEL NADAL in action on Centre Court RIGHT NOW against American No 1 Taylor Fritz, and they've reached the FIFTH set.

Though the Spanish icon had to go for a medical time-out off the court as he chases a calendar Grand Slam.

And the winner will play Nick Kyrgios in the semi-final on Friday.

Kyrgios defeated Chile star Cristian Garrin in straight sets on No 1 Court.

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  • Joshua Jones

    Nadal 3-6 7-5 3-6 7-5 4-4 Fritz*


    Fritz is frustrated with himself on the first point but then gets a boost when Rafa nets a drop shot.


    Fritz goes on the offensive – he knows he has to – and pulls off a staggering half-volley angled backhand drop shot which even Nadal cannot reach.

    And then Nadal gets a drop shot wrong and Fritz pounces, forcing Rafa wide.


    And Fritz gets it!

  • Joshua Jones

    Nadal* 3-6 7-5 3-6 7-5 4-3 Fritz

    Nadal doesn't put a smash away but Fritz sends the stretching lob long…

    And then he cannot get a short ball back into court.


    Oh Rafa – he sends a routine forehand long.

    That was a chance…

    But he does get two break points when Fritz nets a backhand volley.

    That's a shocker!

    First one… saved by a big T-serve at 129mph.

    Second… second serve… NO WAY! Fritz's backhand slaps the let cord… and drops over!

    He has both hands up in apology – but inside he will be dancing!

    So good from Nadal – he toys with Fritz and nails an overhead then tucks away a drop volley under pressure.

    Break point No3… saved by a big serve and simple forehand.

    Fritz gets himself in front but rushes at a forehand into the net…

    Deuce again…

    Big serve. Wasted backhand long from Fritz.

    Another bruising rally ends with Fritz netting…. another break point…


    A monster forehand has Fritz on the run and the backhand drop half-volley seals the break!

  • Joshua Jones

    Nadal 3-6 7-5 3-6 7-5 3-3 Fritz*

    Maybe the luck is on Rafa's side?!

    A forehand slaps the tape and jumps just over into Fritz's half.

    Fritz, who delivered a sweet drop shot, gambles on which way Rafa will out his short forehand at 30-15… and chooses wrong.

    But then it is Rafa's time to get it wrong – putting one long and then a big forehand just wide.


    A forehand long from Fritz.

    A forehand nets from Fritz.

  • Joshua Jones

    Nadal* 3-6 7-5 3-6 7-5 2-3 Fritz

    Whoops! At 30-0, Fritz bangs down a big serve…

    Nadal swings his left arm for a forehand, but just completely misses the ball!

    Another love hold – Fritz has only dropped one point on serve in this deciding set so far.

  • Joshua Jones

    Nadal 3-6 7-5 3-6 7-5 2-2 Fritz*

    Excellent tennis from Rafael Nadal.

    He rips a regular rally backhand in a way most people could only dream of hitting their best backhand ever.

  • Joshua Jones

    Nadal* 3-6 7-5 3-6 7-5 1-2 Fritz

    Another hold for Fritz.

    He knows he can keep on the psychological pressure by keeping his nose in front on the scoreboard.

  • Joshua Jones

    Nadal 3-6 7-5 3-6 7-5 1-1 Fritz*

    What a rally. Down 0-15, Nadal knows he needs the second point – and doesn't he just know how to deliver the goods… a divine drop shot has Fritz scrambling.

    Oh that is staggering again – Fritz peppers the Rafa backhand but Nadal fights back and rips a forehand up the line which Fritz cannot get back.

  • Joshua Jones

    Nadal* 3-6 7-5 3-6 7-5 0-1 Fritz

    Perfect start to this fifth set for Fritz.

    He races through a love hold, sealing the game as Nadal nets a backhand return.

  • Joshua Jones

    We are going the distance again

    And we are heading into a decider!

    Nadal holds with ease – no pressure whatsoever!

    The Spaniard plants a forehand winner on the line!

    Centre Court – including David Beckham – erupts!

  • Joshua Jones

    Rafa breaks!

    Nadal held for 5-5 no problem…

    And then worked up a break point on the Fritz serve.

    The American sent a backhand long, confirmed by a challenge.

  • Joshua Jones

    Nadal* 3-6 7-5 3-6 4-5 Fritz

    Taylor holds on… just.

    Fritz just about got through that service game.

    He was down break point and got into a lengthy rally before eventually finding a superb forehand winner that kissed the line.

    Nadal will serve to stay in Wimbledon 2022…

  • Joshua Jones

    Plans for tonight

    Kyrgios said: "There's a lot to be done, go back, dad will cook us dinner as always, we'll eat it and just chill out."

  • Joshua Jones

    'Never put that burden on someone!'

    Kyrgios added: "I don't have a coach I would never put that burden on someone!

    "Each and every one of my team plays a very important role.

    "No one knows my tennis more than I do, I've been playing this sport since I was seven and I'm very happy.

    "I felt I was playing on the back foot a lot. Garin's a hell of a player.

    "I got lucky on a couple of break points so I'll take that and will prepare for my next match."

  • Joshua Jones

    Nick enjoyed that one

    Kyrgios said: "An amazing atmosphere again. I never thought I'd be in the semi-final of a Grand Slam.

    "I thought that ship had sailed – that I may have wasted that window in my career.

    "I'm really happy I was able to come out here with my team and put on a performance."

  • Joshua Jones

    Fritz breaks back

    Nadal was looking relatively good (all things considered) and was serving at 4-3 fourth set.

    But his American opponent is suddenly back on level terms when he gets the break back.

    Fritz is two games away at 4-4…

    And at 40-30 on his own serve, Nadal produces a blistering banana forehand up the line. Sensational.

    Trademark Rafa.

    Can he get the immediately break back?

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios taking it all in

    He collapses to the grass and falls out wide like he has won the tournament.

    And then he sits in his chair for a few minutes, just taking it all in.

    That was all pretty impressive by Nick, I must say.

    Very little drama!

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios 6-4 6-3 7-6 (7-5) Garin


    Oh the drama on match point!

    Kyrgios puts a return deep, it is called long by the line judge but Keothavong overrules and says it was in.

    Kyrgios is fuming – "what the h*** are you doing" – he shouts at the line judge.

    Garin looks bamboozled, he has no idea what's going on.

    The point is replayed and Garin puts a backhand wide!

    Nick Kyrgios is a singles Grand Slam semi-finalist for the very first time.

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios 6-4 6-3 6-6 (6-5) Garin*

    Garin gets to 5-3 with a good serve but then hands back the advantage for 5-4 Garin.

    Ooooh that was the chance.

    Kyrgios dictates a rally and comes in but the volley isn't good enough and Garin is there… the running forehand up the line is on… it looks like he has it but it catches the net and bounces wide.

    Oh what a rally, Kyrgios gets to the net and shows why he is a doubles Grand Slam champ with lightning reflexes at the net time and time again before Garin finally nets…

    Match point…

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios 6-4 6-3 6-6 (3-4) Garin*

    Garin shanks a forehand into the tramlines and Kyrgios has the mini-break again. 3-1 Kyrgios.

    Kyrgios nets a backhand. 3-2.

    Ooohya! Kyrgios mishits a big forehand well out. 3-3.

    And then he hands over the mini-break with another error! 4-3 Garin.

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios 6-4 6-3 6-6 (2-1) Garin*

    Kyrgios gets the mini-break immediately with the perfect backhand return then drop shot. 1-0 Kyrgios.

    Big serve. 2-0.

    Second serve 123mph from Kyrgios is long… challenged by the Aussie and it was just long. Double fault. 2-1 Kyrgios.

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios 6-4 6-3 6-6 Garin*

    Garin does superbly to land a return on the baseline and from there takes a stronghold on the opening point, winning it with a thundering forehand.

    Kyrgios responds with that serve twice before, finally, Kyrgios can get to a Garin let cord by whipping an inside-in forehand low into the corner.

    What a way to hold.

    A backhand half-volley lands slap bang on the line.

    That was special, even by Kyrgios' standards, and Nick knows it.

    Tie-break time…

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios* 6-4 6-3 5-6 Garin

    Great umpiring, Keothavong.

    The Brit overrules and calls "fault" on Garin's first serve out wide – Garin immediately challenges but James was spot on.

    The Chilean is not put off though, and shows his class by impressing on serve.

    Kyrgios cannot land a glove on Garin's serve at the moment.

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios 6-4 6-3 5-5 Garin*

    "Come on Nick!" come the cries from the 12,345-seater stadium.

    He needs to keep his composure and try and pounce on Garin in the next game.

    He gets to 40-15 and misses one but the second serve sets him up perfectly for an easy put-away forehand.

  • Joshua Jones

    Game and third set, Fritz

    The American breaks at 5-3 when Nadal puts a whipped forehand wide.

    The physio rushes on and checks over the Spaniard – and then asks, "You alright, Fritz?"

    Walking wounded on Centre.

    Fritz is a set away from the semis…

  • Joshua Jones

    Kyrgios* 6-4 6-3 4-5 Garin

    More sarcastic applause in the direction of his box when Kyrgios fires long.

    He is up to eight unforced errors in this set. Garin has one.

    A return long secures another hold.

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