Who is Tony Finau's wife Alayna and how many children does The Open golf star have with her?
21st September 2021

TONY FINAU scored his first PGA Tour win in the past 5 years last month.

But this month he'll be hoping to help bring the Ryder Cup home to the U.S.

Who is Alayna Finau?

Not much is known about Tony Finau's wife, whose full name is Alayna Galea’i-Finau.

But both him and her are members of the Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints.

In fact, Alayna takes the couple's children to church every Sunday, while Tony takes to the golf course.

Who is Tony Finau?

Tony Finau was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1989.

His real name is Milton Pouha Finau.

He is of mixed Tongan and Samoan descent, the first person of such ancestry to play on the PGA Tour.

He has said proudly of his Polynesian ancestry: “It’s really an honour for me to represent my people at the level that I am.

“I think the Polynesian people and the gospel are in harmony.

"We’re very respectful people, and very humble people … and I try and let that shine through as much as possible.”

His highest finish in a Major to date is fifth place at the US Open in 2019.

But he is most famous for spraining his ankle celebrating a hole-in-one with his family at the Masters Par 3 Contest.

Finau has stated that he abstains from alcohol.

How many children do Tony and Alayna Finau have?

The Finau family have four children – Jraice, Leilene Aiaga, Tony and Sage.

And the 29-year-old has stated that he would like to have more kids, with him and his wife hoping to raise a large family.

He commented: “We’d like at least one more.

“We’ll probably do five or six. We come from big families.

"I think Polynesians in general, but also the Mormon community, LDS, we like big families.

"I have five brothers and three sisters. (My wife) has three sisters and a brother.”

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