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7th September 2023

BODYBUILDER Brandon Curry has taken the sport by storm in the last decade, winning Mr Olympia and the Arnold Classic.

Brandon is dedicated to the sport and said nothing will stop him from perfecting his incredible physique.

Who is Brandon Curry?

Bodybuilder Brandon was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and began competing in the early 2000s.

Before he was "The Prodigy," Curry was a college athlete at Middle Tennessee State University.

The Nashville native played on the school's football team while he earned a degree in exercise science.

After college, he found a local gym in Murfreesboro where a trainer approached him about competing in a beginners' show.

From wearing a speedo in front of a massive audience to doing strange poses, Curry had a right to be anxious, but he ultimately agreed to try it out.

The friend put him on a strict diet and fitness regime and worked him hard for several weeks before the showdown took place.

Has Brandon Curry won Mr. Olympia?

Curry won Mr Olympia back in 2019 and placed second behind Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elssibay for the next two consecutive years.

Fans were shocked when Curry placed fifth in last year's competition with some saying he "should have won" due to his outrageous physique.

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Curry appeared to address the comments in an Instagram post that showed him flexing his massive muscles ahead of the showdown.

"We live, we learn, and gain wisdom," he wrote.

What bodybuilding competitions has Brandon Curry won?

Aside from Mr Olympia, Curry has won the Arnold Classic, hosted by legendary bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzanegger.

However, with nearly two decades of fierce competition under his belt, Curry's proven that he's above petty criticism and keeps his eyes on the prize.

"You gotta be passionate about the sport," the resilient man said.

What is Brandon Curry's workout plan?

To keep up with his impressive physique, Curry sticks to a strict workout plan.

For chest, he does floor press machines, incline machine press, incline machine fly, incline dumbbell fly, and seated cable flies.

For back, he does v-bars, meadow rows, arm pull downs and more.

He takes a rest day Friday, but also focuses on legs, arms and shoulders.

What is Brandon Curry's diet?

Curry's diet is as extreme as his workout routine – and he rarely cheats on it.

For breakfast, the champion opts for oatmeal, egg whites, grits and whole wheat pancakes.

If he's still hungry after that meal, he opts for a protein shake or fruit with almond butter.

For lunch, he has chicken, brown rice, sweet potatoes and grits – followed with an afternoon snack of jello pudding or fresh fruit.

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At dinner time, he has low fat beef or fish, sweet potatoes, steamed veggies, brown rice and more grits.

His massive meals are supplemented by vitamins and minerals he takes, including Omega 3, Zinc, Whey Protein, Zinc and more.

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