What makes Army-Navy game so special as told by former players
7th December 2018

Clearly, the annual Army-Navy football game is an event unlike any other in college athletics.

The series between the two military academies has a long, storied history dating back to its first game in 1890. It's been played 128 times, mostly in Philadelphia, but also all over the country, including stops in New York, Baltimore, Chicago and Pasadena, California.

The game has featured college students that have gone on to be heroes, generals and even president.

Only those who participate truly understand the significance.

USA TODAY asked a former player from each team to share what the game means to him.

These are their stories.

A rivalry unlike any other

Everyone talks about what they think is the greatest rivalry in college football. Most of these include border wars like Michigan and Ohio State. Or in-state battles like Auburn and Alabama.

But nothing compares to the rivalry of Army vs. Navy. People are born to root for one team or another it seems, and this creates great rivalries, but the dynamic that separates Army-Navy is the total commitment of the institutions against one another and then serving together in the armed forces once you graduate.

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