What is a technical stoppage in boxing, and how can a cut differ the outcome? – The Sun
23rd February 2020

THERE are few sports as thrilling and dramatic as boxing.

One punch can change a contest in the blink of an eye, while sometimes events outside of the fighters control can have a huge impact on proceedings.

And ahead of Tyson Fury's rematch with Deontay Wilder, here's what you need to know if the fight is forced to end by technical stoppage.

What is a technical stoppage in boxing?

SAFETY is paramount for all involved in professional boxing.

The two fighters have medical assistance ringside should they need it, plus the discretion of the both the referee and their corner to decide if they are fit to continue.

A referee can step in to end a fight if he feels a fighter is in no fit state to continue or is in danger of getting badly hurt.

While a corner can literally throw a towel into the ring to get their man pulled out.

A technical stoppage occurs when a fighter is injured due to an accidental clash of heads.

With fighters often getting close and attempting to 'fight inside', there are often collisions which aren't caused by a punch.

But if a boxer intentionally butts an opponent's head, that is considered a flagrant foul that could result in disqualification of the offender.

The procedure goes like this:

  • If a fighter is cut badly, the referee must decide if it was from a punch or an accidental clash.
  • Should he deem it to be an accident, he'll get the ringside doctor to assess the damage.
  • If the boxer is too hurt to continue and the fight is past the fourth round, the referee will go to the judges scorecards and award a 'technical decision' to the fighter leading on the cards at that point.
  • But if the collision happened before the fourth round and the fighter can't continue, the fight is deemed a 'technical draw'.
When fighters get in close, a clash of heads can sometimes occurCredit: Kenny Ramsay – The Sun Glasgow

How can a cut differ the outcome?

THE referee has a huge part to play in deciding if the cut has been caused by a punch or an accidental clash.

His decision will then decide if things go down the technical stoppage route or instead to what is known as a 'technical knockout'.

Should the referee deem the cut has been caused by a punch and not an accidental clash of heads, then the fighter who dealt out the punch will be named the TKO winner.

Likewise, if a boxer is knocked down three times in the same round or the ref steps in for the competitors own safety, the winner is awarded a 'technical knockout' victory.

A knockout win is given if a boxer knocks his opponent to the floor and they are unable to rise following the ten second count of the official.

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