Watch Antonio Conte clash with ex-England boss Fabio Capello on live TV and IGNORE questions about Inter Milan's Euro KO
10th December 2020

ANTONIO CONTE clashed with ex-England boss Fabio Capello on live TV after Inter Milan's European KO.

The Italian giants crashed out of ALL European football on Wednesday night following their 0-0 draw at home to Shakhtar Donetsk.

The result left Inter bottom of Group B, with the Ukrainians finishing third to pinch the Europa League place.

And Conte was clearly furious after the game as he rowed with Capello live on air and even IGNORED questions about the defeat.

Speaking from the Sky Italia studio, Capello gave Conte a real grilling.

The former Three Lions chief said: "It seemed to me that Inter played to win but without the necessary anger you need to have to win.

"You have been a player, you are a coach and you know what I mean."

Conte snapped back angrily, roaring: "I have nothing to say."

With Inter slipping to 0-0 draws in BOTH games against Shakhtar – despite clearly dominating – Capello pushed further by suggesting Conte has no Plan B.

Capello asked: "Don't you have a plan B to reverse situations?"

Now clearly furious, Conte snapped: 'Think before you ask questions.

"Yes, we have a plan B, but I am not going to talk about it in public because then our opponents will know about it and it will became useless."

After the interview, Capello continued to moan to Sky Sports Italia host Anna Billo.

Capello ranted: "Tonight we did not hear any explanation about this game.

"'It is too easy to come here smiling when you win.

"It takes more respect for journalists, team-mates and for all those who they work in the world of football."

Conte was in a more chatty mood at his post-match press conference – but he was still clearly irritable.

The Italian moaned: "Throughout the Champions League, we have been unlucky with referees and VAR.

"Now that we are out, I feel I have to say this…

"It seems to me that Inter have not been respected, if you go back and look at the situations that have not been reviewed or evaluated."

Conte soon had his tactics questioned, with the Inter chief lashing out again.

He said: "I can't understand what you say… you take the whistle and be the coaches yourself, maybe you will do better."

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