Tyson Fury binged Netflix hit Bridgerton with wife Paris in hotel hours before battering Deontay Wilder in trilogy fight
25th October 2021

TYSON FURY binge-watched Bridgerton just hours before his monumental heavyweight showdown with Deontay Wilder.

The Gypsy King, 33, defended his heavyweight crown with a thrilling KO against his American rival in the third and final fight of their trilogy.

But Fury was not nervous going into the fight, despite the eyes of the world on him.

In fact, wife Paris has revealed the 'really normal' couple binge-watched Netflix hit Bridgerton just hours before the Las Vegas epic.

Paris told talkSPORT: “We’re really normal people, which probably doesn’t sound normal to say.

“We tend to stay at home a lot, we watch a lot of TV.

“Netflix, Sky… we’re on them all the time, watching the movie channels.

“And then, if we go out, we take the kids for walks, to parks.


“We can’t go out in public a lot, it’s getting hard.

"Tyson’s so out there now and people respect him so much and want to be around him.

"It’s literally a nightmare to go anywhere."

Paris continued: “When we went over for Tyson’s fight in America we obviously have a lot of down time before the fight.

“We burned out the first series of Bridgerton – I don’t know if I should admit that!

“But literally it was so good and we burned the full first series out.

“That is what we did – we were binge-watching the first few hours before the Wilder fight.

“I have to admit, we had to knock it off at certain times and fast forward certain scenes."

Paris went on to reveal she believes Tyson will RETIRE from boxing.. but not for a 'few more years'.

She added: "I think he'll do it for a few more years. He's 33 now, I think until he's 35. 

"I know Wladimir (Klitschko) and other men have gone on until they're 40, but then do you keep going until you lose? 

"I don't know, I wouldn't like to see that from Tyson. I wouldn't like him to keep going.

"There's always going to be someone coming up younger and fresher if you're over the hill, if you're too far gone. 

"I just think another two-three years and Tyson should definitely hang up his gloves and call it a day."

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