The moment LeBron James’ Cavs knew Warriors were ‘f–ked’
4th January 2019

LeBron James smelled blood.

He had just witnessed the Warriors’ frustrations boil over in a 115-101 Game 6 Cavaliers victory. Golden State dropped a second straight game in those 2016 Finals, having lost Game 5 without a suspended Draymond Green, then Game 6 without Stephen Curry on the court for the last few minutes. He picked up his sixth foul with 4:22 left, erupted, ripped away his mouthpiece and chucked it into the stands for his first ever ejection.

There were 41 points, 11 assists, eight rebounds and one prescient observation from LeBron after all that dust had settled.

“They f–ked up,” James told his then-teammates in the postgame locker room in footage seen on “More Than An Athlete,” an ESPN+ program. “Mentally and physically. I’m telling you, they f–ked up.”

He was right. The series, once 3-1 Golden State, was tied 3-3, and the Cavaliers would go on to finish off the comeback with a 93-89 Game 7 triumph, in which Curry shot just 6-of-19 for 17 points and Klay Thompson 6-of-17 for 14 points. It all would domino Kevin Durant to the Warriors and, eventually, James out of Cleveland altogether.

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