The Good, The Bad and The NXT: WWE’s weekly winners and losers
4th January 2019

WWE welcomed in the New Year in style.

There is a new United States champion and now the focus has switched over to the Royal Rumble in a few weeks’ time, which will usher in the Road to WrestleMania.

Good Week

Natalya (Raw)

Many of the WWE Universe may have forgotten that Natalya has had quite an emotional year and that came to an end on New Year’s Eve when she teamed with Ronda Rousey in the main event of Raw to beat Tamina Snuka and Nia Jax.

Natalya will never forget 2018, but the fact that she was able to see the year out as part of the main event where she teamed with her best friend will definitely have helped.

The Queen of Harts was even able to announce her participation in the second annual women’s Royal Rumble this past week, where she could be seen as a genuine contender.

Becky Lynch (SmackDown)

Becky Lynch isn’t just one of the biggest stars in WWE’s women’s division anymore, she has stepped up to being one of the biggest stars in WWE full stop.

The former SmackDown women’s champion interrupted John Cena this week as he returned to WWE for the first time since Super Show-Down but the duo were still able to co-exist in a mixed tag team match despite their differences.

Lynch picked up the win for her team before Cena then offered The Lasskicker his hand but she decided to give him a “you can’t see me” gesture which proved that Lynch has no respect for Cena and is definitely being pushed to the next level in WWE.

Kassius Ohno (NXT)

Kassius Ohno has been overlooked by General Manager William Regal for a number of years as the conveyor belt of development has continued and seemingly bypassed The Knockout Artist.

Ohno told Regal straight that he wanted a match with Riddle as soon as he came to WWE and Riddle then embarrassed him in a matter of seconds at Takeover: War Games.

Ohno has had to live with this embarrassment over the past few weeks, but finally this week on NXT he was able to get the better of Riddle when he attacked him from behind following their match and sent him into the ring post and the steel steps to send quite the message to The King of The Bros.

Bad week

Dolph Ziggler (Raw)

Dolph Ziggler brought Drew McIntyre back to Raw back in 2018 and the duo were unstoppable until they were unable to push themselves forward as a team.

McIntyre has since stepped up and proved that he is the future of Monday Night Raw, something that was made apparent this past week on Raw when he stepped into the ring with Ziggler in a steel cage match.

After McIntyre picked up the win, it seemingly wasn’t enough so he headed back to the ring and gave Ziggler a beatdown of such a calibre that The Showoff is now thought to have been written off WWE TV and may not be seen until The Royal Rumble.

Ziggler is a former World Champion but right now he’s on the sidelines because of the actions of The Scottish Psychopath.

Rusev (SmackDown)

Rusev won the United States Championship last week on SmackDown Live, but whilst The Bulgarian Brute thought it would be easy to step into life as a champion, it appears that he forgot all about Shinsuke Nakamura.

The former champion attacked Rusev as part of a backstage interview this week on SmackDown where he was reminded that he now has a target on his back and that The Artist is coming back for the belt.

Nakamura could get a rematch at the Royal Rumble, which would see Rusev pull double duty if he is hoping to be part of the Rumble match as well.

Matt Riddle (NXT)

Matt Riddle has been on a roll ever since he debuted in NXT a few months ago, but Kassius Ohno has been a thorn in his side throughout his entire journey.

The former MMA star embarrassed Ohno a few weeks ago at War Games and finally this week on NXT’s best of 2018 episode, Ohno was able to exact some revenge.

Riddle won the match via submission against The Knockout Artist, but the post-match beatdown proved that the issues between these two men are far from over and Riddle needs to step up his game if he has any hope of defeating Ohno once again in the future.

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