SpyGate II video producer comes forward after Patriots video emerges
16th December 2019

The man who produced the infamous Patriots video of the Bengals sideline spoke out hours after the footage surfaced.

Dean Mondillo, the supervising producer of Kraft Sports and Entertainment, issued a statement Sunday night giving his side of the controversy being investigated by the NFL for a violation of league rules that could lead to New England being fined and docked a draft pick.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick and the team have denied he and the football operations department had any involvement in the incident. Mondillo backs that up in his statement.

“I had no intention to provide footage to football operations,” Mondillo said. “I did not provide any footage and I was never asked to do so.”

The team has stated that Mondillo and his crew were credentialed and were at the Browns-Bengals game last week to film a feature on an advance scout for the “Do Your Job” series. Mondillo believes his actions that day have been “misconstrued”.

“We interviewed and shot the Patriots scout sitting in a chair watching the action and panned back-and-forth from him to what he was seeing on the sidelines,” Mondillo said. “We took also took footage of the field as the intent was to show what he was looking at when he looked through his binoculars watching the game.”

He added he went to the restroom and when he came back his cameraman was told by someone from the NFL to stop shooting and was eventually joined by a member of the security team from the Bengals, who the Patriots ended up beating 34-13 on Sunday.

On the video obtained by Fox, the Patriots videographer — it’s unclear whether it is Mondillo — tries to defend his actions by saying they wanted a “field perspective”, before saying it’s his mistake. When pushed more by Bengals security about what was being filmed, the Kraft employee quickly said he would scrap the footage.

“No, no, we’ll delete that.” he said.

Mondillo noted that the tape was handed over to NFL security.

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