Romain Grosjean returns to Bahrain F1 paddock to meet rescuers just four days after miraculous crash escape
3rd December 2020

ROMAIN GROSJEAN returned to the site of his horror crash just four days after his miraculous crash escape.

The Haas driver, 34, was back at the Bahrain F1 track on Thursday, meeting the rescuers who helped him get away from the fireball in last weekend's Grand Prix.

Grosjean lost control and drove directly into crash barriers after clipping Daniil Kvyat's car.

His car split in two and was then instantly engulfed by flames as marshals rushed to help the French driver out of the wreckage.

He was trapped in his car for more than 20 seconds after the 140mph smash but incredibly walked away with burns on his hands and ankles.

And the Frenchman, released from hospital on Wednesday, headed back to the Sakhir circuit where he was reunited with some of the medical team first on the scene to assist him.

Grosjean had bandages on his hands and left foot as he was supported by wife Marion.

They met with his Haas team again as well as FIA Medical Car driver Alan van der Merwe and FIA medical delegate Ian Roberts, who helped haul him over the barrier to escape the blaze.

And Formula One chiefs have confirmed changes will be made in the wake of the horror scenes on Sunday.

Bosses have added rows of tyre barriers to help prevent a repeat of Grosjean's fiery smash.

And while this weekend's race features a new layout, it still passes through the same section where Grosjean crashed, so safety improvements have been made.

FIA Race Director, Michael Masi said: "The tyre barrier on the right hand side of T9 will be extended and increased in depth to four rows of tyres with conveyor belt.

"The right hand kerb between T8 and T9 will be removed to reduce the risk of a car becoming airborne while the outer circuit layout is being used."

The circuit is an oval layout where F1 records are set to be broken. A lap time of just 55 seconds is expected for qualifying.

Grosjean will not compete in this weekend's race but could be in action the following week in Abu Dhabi.

Meanwhile, Kevin Magnussen says team-mate Grosjean cannot wait to get back in the car for the season finale.

The Haas driver added: "I went to see him on Sunday a few hours after he escaped from that scene and immediately then he was talking about getting back in the car."

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