QUIZ: Test your WWE 2018 knowledge!
28th December 2018

How much do you know about what happened in in WWE in 2018? Find out with our bumper end-of-year quiz!

Are you willing to stand up and be counted? To take the test which will decide who is merely a mortal when it comes to WWE 2018 trivia and who deserves their place in the pantheon of great quizmasters of yesteryear?

The Sky Sports WWE team have been working night and day to put together a list of 20 questions which only the elite of WWE fans will be able to conquer.

This is it. The big one. The grandaddy of them all. The – dare we say it – WrestleMania of end-of-year WWE quizzes.

If you get a big score here you can sit back satisfied that you are a true hardcore WWE fan. The New Year’s Eve champagne will taste that little bit sweeter for you.

So give the grey matter a massage, make your focus laser-like and click on the quiz below to find out where you sit on the card…

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