Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood 'tried to sneak FOUR girls into England hotel' in Covid-19 breach shame
8th September 2020

PHIL FODEN and Mason Greenwood tried to sneak FOUR girls back to England's hotel, according to the latest reports on the pair's Covid-19 breach shame.

England boss Gareth Southgate chucked the youngsters out of the national team camp after they celebrated their Three Lions debuts by breaking strict coronavirus guidelines.

Icelandic beauties Nadia Sif Lindal Gunnarsdottir, 20, and Lara Clausen, 19, hung out with the footballers after being invited into the England hotel.

But MailOnline claim that Foden, 20, and Greenwood, 18, had been chatting up at least four local ladies ahead of landing in Reykjavik.

Anita Gunnarsdottir was filmed chatting to the players with a friend but insists she did not venture to the hotel.


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She is quoted as saying: "I didn't meet them. I'm not one of the girls who went to the hotel."

Leaked Snapchat clips showed the stars, who ply their club trade with Manchester City and Manchester United, hosting Nadia and Lara after England's 1-0 win over Iceland.

At one point, City playmaker Foden flashed his bum at the girls, who did not enter the national team's secure Covid-19 bubble.

The rule breach earned both players a £1,360 fine from local police, with further punishment expected from club and country.

Southgate dismissed the pair on Monday morning, barring them from breakfast and training with the squad before they boarded a flight home.

Foden and Greenwood are expected to become Three Lions mainstays for years to come after their first outing in the Nations League, yet could be banned for the next FOUR internationals.

Sent home on a private jet last night, the apologetic stars were subject to scathing statements from both City and United, as well as England.

The FA condemned their "unacceptable breach of our protocol" and "serious lack of judgement" ahead of a full investigation.

Meanwhile, Manchester City described Foden's action as "totally inappropriate" with United "disappointed" in striker Greenwood.

Foden vowed to learn from the "valuable lesson" of his "poor behaviour".

After deleting his Twitter account, Greenwood apologised on Tuesday for his "irresponsible" actions.


Foden: 'Say that again, what was you saying?'

Girl: 'What's the plan?'

Foden: 'What's the plan?'

Girl: 'Mhmm'

Foden: 'Mason what's the plan?'

Greenwood: 'Depends what you want'

Foden: 'He says depends what do you want?'

Girl: 'We can come to the hotel but I don't know how you're going to sneak us in'

Foden: 'What you coming to the hotel for?'

Greenwood: 'What do you think?'

Foden: 'What does she want?'

Girl: 'Yeah, what do you think bro?'

Girl: [Speaks In Icelandic to her friend]

Greenwood and Foden: 'Discussing. Hard to tell what they are saying.'

Foden: 'Have you got a mate?'

Girl: What?

Foden: 'Your friend?'

Girl: 'Yeah'

In a statement released via United's website, he wrote: "It was irresponsible of me to break the COVID-19 protocols which are in place to protect players, staff and the public.

“In particular, I want to apologise to Gareth Southgate, for letting him down, when he had shown great trust in me.

“Playing for England was one of the proudest moments in my life and I only have myself to blame for this huge mistake.

“I promise my family, the fans, Manchester United and England that this is a lesson I will learn from.”

Beauty queen Gunnarsdottir has confirmed that she had been texting the United ace for a couple of days before his arrival in Iceland.

She admitted to having "messed up" but defended the players, along with Clausen, her cousin, who described them as "such gentlemen".

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