Myles Garrett apologises for smashing Mason Rudolph with his helmet
15th November 2019

Myles Garrett has apologised for attacking Mason Randolph with his own helmet, but believes the incident should not overshadow Cleveland Browns’ win over Pittsburgh Steelers.

The pair became embroiled in an altercation during the closing stages of the match during which the Browns’ defensive end managed to rip off Randolph’s helmet, before striking him in the head.

A mass brawl ensued which resulted in Garrett, along with team-mate defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi, as well as Steelers’ Maurice Pouncey, being ejected from the game.

‘I made a mistake, I lost my cool and I regret it,’ Garrett told reporters. ‘It’s gonna come back to hurt our team.

‘The guys who jumped in to the scrum… I appreciate my team having my back but it should never get to that, it’s on me.

‘A win is a win I don’t think it’s overshadowed by what happens in eight seconds.’

Randolph, meanwhile, branded Garrett a bully and a coward but said it was up to the league to decided what level of punishment his opponent should face.

‘I thought it was cowardly and pretty bush league,’ Rudolph said. ‘I’m fine and good to go.’

‘I don’t know what the rules are. I know it’s bush league and he is a total coward… It’s OK, I’ll take it.

‘I’m not going to back down from no bully. We will see what happens.’

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