Mike Tyson still has that anger built up and looking to relieve it during Roy Jones Jr fight, claims Gervonta Davis
21st October 2020

MIKE TYSON will be looking to 'relieve' his pent-up anger when he faces Roy Jones Jr, claimed Gervonta Davis.

The heavyweight legend, 54, will make his return to the ring on November 28.

Tyson ended his career in 2005 with an incredible record of 50-6 including 44 knockouts.

Davis, 25, has insisted his comeback is his way of relieving the anger that has built up inside of him.

During his appearance on the All The Smoke Podcast, the three-time world champion said: "When he first started talking, I seen that he's still got that anger built inside of him.

"Like he's been through something.

"He's still trying to relieve it, find a way to relive it.

"That's what I got from him, but he overcame a lot."

Fans have been left fearing the worst for Jones Jr after new footage of Tyson surfaced on social media.

An incredible video showed the former heavyweight champion showing off his ripped physique.

Jones Jr, 51, has shockingly admitted 'death is a possibility' when he squares off against Tyson.

Tyson's trainer Rafael Cordeiro has insisted that Tyson could 'kill somebody' – even at the age of 54.

And the WBC have had to change the rules of the exhibition bout over safety concerns.

When asked what he thought about the footage of Tyson, Davis said: "I don't really know for sure, but what I got from it is that he put his life into boxing. For belts and things like that.

"It all really doesn't mean anything to him now.

"He'd rather fight for the money so that he could be more stable and things like that.

"That's why I got from it. I'm probably wrong but that's what I got from it."

Tyson previously praised Davis during an Instagram live stream with rapper Fat Joe.

He said: "I like Lomachenko, the Ukrainian guy. I like Gervonta Davis, that little guy tank."

When asked about Tyson's comments, Davis said: "It feels great, you know? It just feels like… I'm not far or like big.

"It feels like I'm still starting out. So having him saying things like that, you know, one of the greats."

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