Mike Tyson result: Boxing legends with combined age of 105 DRAW on judges scorecards in bizarre exhibition fight
29th November 2020

MIKE TYSON and Roy Jones Jr fought to a DRAW in what proved a bizarre exhibition bout.

The legendary pair boxed over eight rounds in what ultimately provided more clinching than punching.

Tyson, at 54, somewhat rolled back the clock as he boxed with nothing but aggression throughout.

Whereas Jones, 51, looked to try and nick the result on the back foot, avoiding the Iron Mike's heavy-hands.

The mainly uneventful pay-per-view spectacle had little highlights, meaning the veteran duo avoided any risks to their health.

After the result was announced, Tyson said: "I'm good with a draw, because I entertained the crowd, the crowd was happy with it.”

The celebrated puncher had not fought for 15 years before the opening bell sounded.

And Tyson looked to try and pick off where he started, as the famed puncher charged at Jones.

But despite the pressure, it went largely to waste as the pair spent most their time clinching.

In the second again Jones came out light on his feet, flicking out a jab.

But whenever Tyson attempted to get into range and fire, he was grabbed.

Iron Mike did try switch to head and body, but it was telegraphed and blocked.

The third round will not live long in the memory as Jones spent the entire two minutes tying his man up, desperately avoiding a trade off.

Tyson came out aggressive in the fourth but again it ended up with the two grabbing hold of each other.

Jones did land with his jab but his constant clinching canceled out any credit – so much so that he was warned with disqualification.

The fifth saw both men at least try and swing some punches but nothing clean landed.

Tyson was again pushing the pace and looked to have landed some short body shots on the inside.

Into the sixth and it was a similar story of coming togethers.

Tyson did show off some trademark footwork, pivoting off to the side but his hook and uppercut combination missed the target.

In round seven, Jones turned


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