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16th September 2020

BROOKS KOEPKA is one of the hottest properties in the game – with the girlfriend to match.

Actress Jena Sims often follows her four-time Major champion boyfriend across the country as he collects trophy after trophy.


Jena Sims is a star in her own right

Who is Jena Sims?

Sims, 31, competed in the Miss Teen USA beauty pageant in 2007, but failed to place, and has since went on to become an actress and a model.

Films she has starred in include the lead role in Attack of the 50 foot Cheerleader, a comedy horror movie filmed in 2012.

Jen stars as science student Cassie Stratford who takes a drug that makes her grow until she is a 50ft giant.

She also appeared in Three-headed Shark Attack, in which a mutated great white kills former WWE champion Rob Van Dam.

Her other roles include Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, and TV shows, Entourage, Dexter and One Tree Hill.

Away from the big screen Sims runs her own non-profit organisation called the 'Pageant of Hope' – which hosts beauty pageants for children with cancer and other disadvantages.

How long have they been together?

The pair officially began dating sometime in 2017.

But the actress, who grew up watching golf, initally met Koepka at the 2015 Masters tournament.

Their relationship was made public after he won the US Open in 2017, when Sims ran into his arms and celebrated the victory with a passionate kiss.

Is Jena Sims on Twitter or Instagram?

Sims has a cult following on Instagram, where she goes by the name "Krispy Kreme Connoisseur".

She has amassed over 200,00 followers on the site.

During quarantine, Sims shared her disastrous attempt at cutting Koepka's hair on her Instagram story, insisting that she watched YouTube tutorials before using the clippers.

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