Man punched by Conor McGregor in Dublin pub vows never to return to boozer of 14 years after it was bought by UFC star
28th April 2021

THE man punched by Conor McGregor in a Dublin pub has revealed he will never set foot in it again after the UFC splashed £1.75million on buying it.

Desmond Keogh, 50, was hit by McGregor at the Marble Arch Pub in the Irish capital in 2019.

The UFC star was convicted of assault and ordered to pay a fine of £860 after the brutal punch gained worldwide attention

The assault burst back into the public eye last week when it was reported McGregor was set to splash out a whopping £1.75m to buy the pub.

Notorious took to Twitter to confirm the report and sensationally wrote: "Ye and your mans barred."

But Keogh has now hit back saying he wouldn't want to ever drink there again if he's the landlord, despite 14 years as a regular under old ownership.

Keogh told The Irish Mirror: “I’m not really concerned because I probably wouldn’t be going back to it now.

"I wouldn't be going back anyway, probably especially now.

“I wouldn’t want to be spending money in his pub to be honest.

“I’ve a lot of friends there. I probably drank there for about 14 years."


Keogh added: “The fact that he was in the wrong you know, why blame me? It seems weird to me. It's disingenuous.

“The past is in the past. It's all done and dusted two years ago this month."

Two years ago, CCTV footage published by TMZ showed McGregor striking Keogh before being ushered away by pals.

It's believed McGregor threw the punch after Keogh declined a drop of the UFC star's Proper No 12 whiskey.

After being convicted of assault, McGregor admitted: “What I did was wrong.

“I would like to ­apologise to the injured party and to the court today.

“I want to assure you that nothing of this nature will happen again regarding me.”

McGregor launched the Proper No 12 whiskey in 2018.

And it was announced earlier this year the company was set to be taken over by Mexican Tequila giant Becle.

McGregor and his manager Audie Attar are reportedly set to pocket a share of a whopping £112million, although their respective splits of that sum are unknown.

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