Kevin De Bruyne has his own secret low-fat Kevin Carbonara sauce – and like Tyson Fury, plenty of Premier League footballers have the same meal before every game
13th December 2018

Fury had peanut butter chicken every day for his nine-week training camp… that is hardcore.

But the Gypsy King cut 10 stone in a year – eating the same dinner every night for nine weeks.

I have a lot of guys who eat the same thing before every match, every week.

That is part routine and maybe superstition, but to go nine weeks having the same dinner every night is unreal, I could not cope with the monotony of that.

Players I have that repeat their meals on match-days do it out of superstition, or to get the exact amount of carbs into their system – or just because they love the flavour and it puts them in a good mood for the match.

If they feel good then they are likely to get the best out of themselves.

There are not too many odd ones but I have developed this carbonara for Kevin De Bruyne – called the Kevin Carbonara – and it is ridiculous.

I can't tell you how we've done it but it has been a huge success!

The keto diet is essentially just a very low carb diet that still allows you to eat plenty of meat.

The good thing about that diet is that it allows you to eat a lot of fatty foods that would have been banned in more traditional diets.

While carbs are ruled out, you are allowed cheeses and egg and bacon for breakfast.

Everyone loses weight in different ways and are better suited to different diets.

I have players who react very differently to red meats or fish and others who will not touch them at all.

They have probably tried a few different diets with Tyson and the one his body reacted perfectly too was the keto.

He definitely should have won that fight as well.

I managed to squeeze in a holiday to Dubai just before the Christmas season really gets busy.

I really needed it after such a busy season so far.

We got to go to the Salt Bae restaurant – Ilkay Gundogan sorted me out – and it was phenomenal.

I do understand some people think it's a gimmick but what you cannot argue against is that the food is sensational.

I am not a complainer in restaurants anyway because I know what it is like to be on the other side working so hard.

Unless they get my order completely wrong I am not likely to be sending anything back.

Doing my job now as opposed to working in a restaurant again means I am not under a head chef, cooking his food and menu and way.

It means I've branched out and been able to put my own spin and philosophy on healthy eating.

  • Jonny Marsh is a private chef for Premier League footballers – follow his recipes on his Instagram page

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