Keith Deller splits fans with ‘ridiculous’ use of chalk that’s even on his nose
10th February 2023

Darts icon Keith Deller split the opinion of fans with what some saw as an excessive use of chalk during his World Seniors Darts Championship first-round content.

The 1983 BDO World Darts Champion took on Welshman Mike Huntley in a bid to face Neil Duff in the second round, winning 3-2 in sets following a back and forth contest.

With fans taking to social media, they were more concerned about the amount of chalk that had gone from the pocket of Deller and onto his darts before being spread on the board.

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One social media user wrote: "Keith Deller is an absolute menace with this chalk."

A second said: "How can they ban certain points & let Keith Deller put a ton of chalk on the board as he does?"

A third added: "Big fan of Deller just f***ing caked in chalk."

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As a fourth laughed: "Deller keeping the chalk makers in business haha."

Deller raced into an early lead and looked to be cruising through to the second round, but allowed Huntley back into the game and avoided a sudden death leg by a single double.

The 63-year-old wore a shirt adorned with memories of his iconic 138 checkout which won him the world title, keeping chalk in his top pocket and using it throughout.

With Helen Chamberlain pointing out the white power in his post-match interview, Deller laughed and replied: "It is chalk I promise you!"

Bobby George provided an insight alongside presenter Ray Stubbs, admitting that he wouldn't be able to put up with it if he had been playing.

He said on BBC Sport: "That would drive me nuts that chalk, all over the board it's ridiculous. He got it all on his nose as well."


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