Inside haunting abandoned £32BILLION Beijing Olympics stadiums with Games venues deserted, disused and dilapidated | The Sun
15th November 2023

THE WORLD looked on in awe in 2008 when Beijing hosted the Olympic Games.

Back then, China was praised for staging an incredible show for the entire globe to watch thanks to a combination of incredible architectural feats and excellent organisation.

But the state of the Olympic stadiums and venues from 15 years ago, which China splashed £32BILLION on, has left the world in shock.

The water-sport parks are now completely dried-up, including the once glittering white-water rafting run which is now in absolute ruin.

It now appears to be little more than a concrete eyesore.

The beach volleyball stands are now reduced to rust and rotting wood.

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And the once show-stopping BMX track now looks more like a jungle with a rusty frame poking its ugly head through the greenery.

Sprawled across Beijing are more haunting reminders of the memorable Games.

Mascots including Nini, Yingjing and Beibei are lying in tatters across the grounds.

Once sparkling signage is now covered in grime or warped through weathering.

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But the impressive Bird's Nest Stadium is still in use to this day and it would appear to be the only one still going strong.

Beijing is not the only host city to fall foul of the post-Olympics hangover.

Rio de Janeiro is suffering a similar fate after the 2016 Games and the same goes for Athens after they hosted the Olympics in 2004.

In Brazil, a number of venues are in utter disrepair with their £9billion Games legacy in tatters.

The same goes for Greece where their Olympic Stadium, which holds a larger capacity than all English grounds except Old Trafford and Wembley, had to shut down recently due to poor maintenance.

Now we wait and see how Tokyo deals with its venues after the 2020 Olympics.

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