Holly Sonders dating advice: ‘Be f–king honest’
23rd October 2020

Holly Sonders isn’t mincing words when it comes to those skirting the truth in the dating world.

“Just be f–king honest,” the former Fox Sports reporter said Thursday during an Instagram Live with the dating app, S’More.

“I don’t understand people who try to lie, everything’s going to come out at some point,” Sonders said. “Everything comes out. Somebody hears it from somebody else. The universe is going to bring that in front of that person —  just don’t lie. I don’t understand lying.”

Sonders, 33, who has been involved with “Vegas Dave” Oancea, 44, also spoke about the importance of people just being themselves in a relationship.

“You date somebody not to change them,” Sonders said. “I hate to see it when a woman or a man dates somebody else and they want to date them to change them. Number one, it’s not going to work. Two, they’re going to be absolutely miserable and they’re going to resent you. So, choose someone that is your best friend.”

She added, “If you can find a best friend that you like having sex with, you’re done.”

In August, Oancea, who is a “sports information consultant,” spoke to The Post about his relationship with Sonders, noting that while they still were together, he had moved back in with his parents to focus on his work. Sonders said Thursday the duo is still “trying to figure it out.”

“I’m very big on, if it doesn’t feel right, or if you don’t want to see each other right now, don’t force it. Cause you end up doing more damage to the relationship. See each other when you really want to see each other, that’s how I feel about it,” said Sonders, who was previously married to TV host Erik Kuselias and has also been connected to Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury.

As for what draws her to a partner, Sonders said her type is “driven.”

“If they wake up in a good mood, they want to have a good day and they’re motivated, I’m into that,” she said. “Success and motivation is hotter to me than being 6-[foot]-6 with abs.”

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