England boss Gareth Southgate receiving help from sports psychologist and players could benefit from one-to-one sessions
22nd March 2021

GARETH SOUTHGATE is receiving specialist help from a leading sports psychologist.

The England manager believes professional players could also benefit from confidential one-to-one sessions with the likes of Michael Caulfield when they need support.

Caulfield is one of the country’s top sports psychologists with over 30 years experience.

And Southgate, 50, said: “Michael simplifies sport. He understands the changing room. He connects with players and coaches.

“If all you want is data, science and measures, you should look elsewhere. If you want someone who can make sense of all the clutter that collects in the minds of professional sports people and helps to focus on performance, then he’s the one for you.

“What began as an enjoyable chat led to more inquisitive conversations and we’ve continued to this day.”

Caulfield is a former chief executive of the Professional Jockeys Association and has also worked with Aston Villa manager Dean Smith.

The psychologist said: “Gareth and I enjoy our chats. We probably help each other.

“We are both good listeners, in addition to having something helpful to say.”

Caulfield has also raised concerns that professional sports people develop serious mental health problems when they retire.


He added: “Knowing there’s no going back comes as a big shock.

“All of a sudden, there’s a massive void to fill. It’s tough for them and they don’t know how to cope.

“So they become depressed and hide in dark corners.”

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