Deontay Wilder's stunned face as 'Undertaker' Tyson Fury rises from knockdown
2nd December 2018

The WBC heavyweight champion's promoter, Lou DiBella, reckons Fury's stunning revival was like something the Deadman would pull off.

Wilder, 33, sent the 6ft 9in Gypsy King crashing to the deck twice – once in the ninth and again in the final round of their draw in Los Angeles.

Fury, 30, looked down and out with just seconds to go but managed to miraculously pull himself up and finish the fight strongly to earn a controversial draw.

DiBella said: "I do not know how he got up from that second knockdown.

“His eyes rolled up into his head – he came back like the f***ing Undertaker.

“I was running toward the ring, he popped up like the Undertaker.

“I just said ‘oh my god’."

Wilder made a throat-slitting gesture and began dancing and blowing kisses at the crowd when he knocked Fury down.

But all celebrations stopped and his face dropped when the Brit got back to his feet.

WWE legend the Undertaker has "risen" several times to the dismay of his wrestling opponents.

It was just the fourth time Fury had been knocked to the floor – and cost him the WBC belt.

When asked how he managed to get back up, his trainer Ben Davison simply accredited it to God.

Judges scored the fight a draw by split decision, much to the fury of the boxing world.

Fury said: "We're on away soil, I got knocked down twice but I still believe I won the fight and I believe every man in here thought I won that fight tonight.

"But I'm showing total professionalism here, I'm a true champion and a true warrior. I went to Germany to fight Klitschko, I've come to America to fight Deontay Wilder. Bless Deontay Wilder, he's a top fighting man.

"I was never going to be knocked out tonight. I got put down with some good shots, I showed good heart to get up. I came here tonight and I fought my heart out."

Wilder said: "We're both warriors, but with those two drops, I think I won the fight.

"I came out slow. I rushed my punches. I didn't sit still. I was too hesitant. I started overthrowing the right hand, and I just couldn't adjust."

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