Darts ace suffers unfortunate bounce out – but manages to catch it in his shoe
13th October 2023

A darts ace was able to catch a bounce out in his shoe as he narrowly got his body out of the way of it.

World Darts Federation star Viktor Tingstrom suffered an unfortunate bounce out against Connor Hopkins in Group A of the MODUS Super Series on Wednesday. In only the third leg of the best of seven contest, Tingstrom found himself in command of the leg, but it soon threatened to get away from him due to an unruly arrow.

The Swede, ranked 82nd on the PDC Development Tour, had just 221 left to checkout and had the darts as Hopkins found himself marooned on 402. But Hopkins was soon gifted his way back into the leg following a darting mishap from his opponent.

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Tingstrom’s first dart landed in the single five before his second bounced off the wire of the T20 and came flying back through the air at him. The Swede attempted to get out of the arrow’s path by leaning his body away, but his feet weren’t quick enough to get out of harm's way.

He immediately looked down at his feet to spot the dart sticking out of his shoe before smirking at the referee in shock. The referee and Hopkins both stepped in to help free the dart from his shoe but Tingstrom had already managed to wriggle it out.

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Unable to contain his laughter, Tingstrom threw his next dart into the single one before waving his arms in the air and taking his fallen dart back from Hopkins who had picked It up.

Despite scoring only six from three darts, Tingstorm was able to take the leg and a 4-1 victory. Hopkins, ranked 43 on the PDC Development Tour, had his woeful finishing to blame for the defeat with him pinning just one of his 13 attempts at a double.

Tingstorm landed his first title win on the WDF tour as he lifted the Finnish Masters in September, beating Brian Lokken 5-1 in the final, who had previously knocked out 2016 World Championship semi-finalist Jelle Klassen in the semi-final. The Cobra re-joined the WDF last year after falling to 131 in the PDC Order of Merit.

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